let me introduce you to my little H-family

  1. Here we go, the two smaller ones have just come back from the spa (finally!), so it was time to show you my little babies. I am soooo proud!

    It took me something like 12 years of saving waiting and buying them all, one by one :sweatdrop: , so this is dedicated to those of you who are currently enduring the hard purse ban of the saving phase:
    I am not a celebrity, I am not rich, and I have :yahoo: FIVE :yahoo: of them, so be strong :supacool: , stay focused:jammin: , you can make it, and here is the proof! And if I am lucky the sixth one may come in less than one year

    From top to bottom and from left to right:

    Birkin 40cm vachette ardennes gold with gold hw.

    Birkin 40cm box black with palladium hw (this is the next one to the spa).

    JPG birkin 42 cm taurillon clémence marron foncé with gold hw.

    Birkin 30cm veau grainé naturel with palladium hw (just back from the spa, and will go to handle replacement after next summer).

    Kelly sellier 28cm box black nacré with palladium hw (the spa just did an AMAZING job on that one, it has been refurbished to almost new)


    (Small leather goods and assorted goodies will be coming in the next days, I can't stand selecting, resizing and watermarking anymore for now!)
    my h-bags famille verticale x tPF.jpg my h-bags famille profil x tPF.jpg
  2. GORGEOUS collection TT! You've picked some wonderful classic bags! I love them all!
  3. And now one by one
    birkin 40 vachette ardenne gold x tPF.jpg birkin 40 box noir x tPF.jpg JPG birkin 42 taurillon clémence marron foncé x tPF.jpg birkin 30 veau grainé naturel x tPF.jpg my h-bags kelly 28 sellier box noir étoile x tPF.jpg
  4. STUNNING collection!!! Thank you so much for sharing.:love:
  5. Oh, Trama, I love noir nacre!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!! And that veau grain natural. Can we have a swatch for the leather book? You have some rarities in your collection! You have been at this a while, haven't you? Yes, indeed, a very well rounded collection.
  6. Wow, what a stunning H collection!
  7. Of course HG it will be a pleasure, I already thought about that and tried to do it today but I need natural light, the result with my flash was just nothing.:rolleyes:
  8. Beautiful collection! Love the 30 - it looks like you prefer the big bags!
  9. What a great bags and an inspiration to those of us who are trying to built a collection!
  10. Thank you Orchids, LV_addict, Hermesgroupie, Rose, Shoes319, Sasa.:nuts:
  11. wow..nice collection..
    the box kelly looks like it's brand new.

    next time you should take before and after pic
  12. Oh, Trama, we could use a close up of the vachette ardennes in the leather book as well. No rush, no rush.
  13. Beautiful, what's the sixth one going to be?
  14. Great collection.
  15. Yes I should have done that, I would never have imagined the refurbishment would have given such amazing results, they even had to restitch it a bit on the sides and on the corners.

    I must confirm what the experts say: box, and especially in black and on a sellier bag really can be wonderfully refurbished and I would therefore advise it to anybody willing to buy a one and only H bag.:idea: