let me introduce you to my little B-family

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  1. Yesterday,:devil: and I have made a new purchase: a rouge vif city.

    Honestly, I was waiting for blue India, and the other rouge vif I had seen IRL had a slightly different shade (maybe lighter...it's amazing how a color can change from one piece to another), anyway I like this one much more and I couldn't resist.

    The SA told me I can exchange it when Blue India comes in if I like it better, but on coming home and after looking at it over and over again....well, it's going to stay with me, and I am sorry for blue india but I like this one better.

    So Ladies, let me finally and officially introduce you to my B-bag little family:
    They are all citys from fall06, white, black and rouge vif, and I love them!:love:
    my white b-city x tPF.jpg my black b-city x tPF.jpg my b-bag family x tPF.jpg my rouge vif b-city x tPF.jpg
  2. I love them all! Welcome in the Rouge Vif Family!!!
  3. love them all....
  4. Love the red . . you willneed to get that blue one TOO!!
  5. Your rouge vif looks amazing!!! I love all three bags!
  6. WOW trama..... :nuts: FANTASTIC city-collection, congrats :yahoo: :flowers: ! I love each of your cities but especially the rouge vif ;)
  7. You've got the most beautiful colors.
    Congrats girl
  8. You have three beautiful City Bbags! Great variation in colors too. And you new Rouge VIF is absolutely DIVINE!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing your pics with us!
  9. great collection!! i do think the rouge really complete your collection than a blue india.
    u won't regret ur decision! congrats! :yahoo:
  10. congrats trama turgo! i love your selection of colours...so simple, classic and it'll go with everything!

    now...you just need a spalsh of blue and you'll be done! perhaps blue india...or maybe even a 2007 blue??

  11. YES - I agree with toiletduck :yes: :lol:
  12. Awwwww! thanks everybody....all of you...

    You are all so nice....:crybaby: :yes:

    I really appreciate all this:love:
  13. Toiletduck and firstclass1, my devil already has plans on blue and green for next season:devil: :angel:
  14. Congrats :yahoo: Trama !!!
    Great collection !!!
    I really love your Rouge Vif !!!!!!
  15. OMG!!! I love it!!!:love: All your bags are GORGEOUS and they have the BEST leather!!!!!!!!:yahoo: