Let me here the negatives of epi...

  1. Considering an epi as an everday bag (speedy 25). What are the negatives of this line?
  2. I can't think of any!!
  3. None! Epi leather is gorgeous!
  4. I can't think of 1, I don't care for the cannelle color, but that's just me.
  5. EPI is great. I have a bucket PM and i love having a bag that I can carry in the rain with no worries whatsoever. Some mud splashed on it one time and I just wiped it right off. If you want a nice low maintenance bag the epi is for you.
  6. Epi leather is gorgeous, classic, durable, can go through day into evening. Can't think of anything negative.
  7. I agree, epi doesn't have any negatives!! I have seen some pieces with rub off, but I think you have to abuse your stuff pretty bad. I just got a speedy from 1992 and it looks brand new!! Probably the most durable of the lines.
  8. i'm not sure if this is due to normal wear and tear or pure neglect...but I've seen some epi's with creases/wrinkles in the leather...esp with the speedies...anyone else seen this?
  9. :true: This is the only downside of Epi IMO as I don't like the look of wrinkles on them.....
  10. I agree lee...I thought I was the only one who noticed it!
  11. What do you mean about "wrinkles" in the epi leather? Isn't it textured to start with?
  12. Epi is the best, easy care and timeless, I don't have problems with wrinkles in my Epi bags, they are more structured than the Speedy, my Noa is the only one less structured, however does not have wrinkles at all, all my Epi bags are made from the older Epi material, it is thicker and wrinkle free.
    Epi leather is textured with horizontal lines and the wrinkles sometimes are obvious because they are vertical lines, but this is not big deal, I think give more character to the bag.
  13. So I guess an Epi speedy is one you don't want to store folded?
    Does the store sell it to you folded?
  14. Yes, it can kind of wrinkle near the zipper, although I think they have improved the leather's tolerance for this with the Cannelle color. My Moka is a little wrinkled, but my Cannelle Speedy is still perfect and I have used it more. I don't mind it though, it adds to the character of the bag, I :love: my Epi Speedies.
  15. I love mine too. I can't think of any negatives.