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  1. Should I give up other designer's bags for LV?

    I like LV very much
    recently, but I addict in bags. I mean that I want to have few pieces of LV, but at the same time I like other designer's bags (bulga, botkier, or furla) as well. It's really bothering me that I couldn't make up my mind.
    The problem is I can't have both...If I buy a LV, I will need to give up maybe two mid-priced designer's bags. Or I should give up those designer's bags for a LV? I was thinking to post this in LV forum, but the answer could be "yes" for the question. :shrugs: What do you think? :idea:

    (I hope that you guys understand what I am saying...forgive me bad English:push:smile:

  2. And other designer's bags are possibly going on sale now, so I should catch the chance, shouldn't I? LV won't go on sale, so I can wait????? But I will never get anything on my wishlist though???? :s
  3. That's a tough one! Perhaps you should get one LV bag so you can quench your desire for one. Once you wear it instead of just seeing it on others you'll know if you want more in the future. I have bought a lot of designer bags over the years, but still adore my Vuittons and have never been sorry about buying them.
  4. If the LV you want is not a limited edition piece or a 'soon-to-be' discontinued item, then wait is ok and catch the sale for the other brands. Just my opinion:smile:

  5. i'm with u!
  6. i'm with seahorse in stripes and brandedlover!

    i personally am not in love with LV, so i wouldn't give up other brands and go LV-only, but that's just my taste.
  7. buy the bag you want most, whatever brand it may be, then save for the next i say, then buy the next bag you want most whatever brand it may be.....
  8. I agree..buy what you love. As long as the LV isn't something you won't be able to buy in a couple of months due to limited availability, then go for something else right now. I wouldn't "give up" other bags completely.
  9. I agree with this. If you love more than one designer, why limit yourself?
  10. its nice to have a bit of each brand. adn it goes without saying that it's even nicer if you can get them on sale! as long as you are not looking at an LE LV bag, it can wait.
  11. I was the same way before. I wanted other brands besides LV. So I decided to get another brand like Dior, Gucci, and Coach coz they go on sale. But once, I have all these brands I realized LV is the one purse I like the most. I was kinda regretful buying the other brands instead of another LV. But that's just me, I agree with everybody here get whatever you like. If the LV one you like is not limited edition, then you can purchase it later. But hurry, I heard the prices are increasing on LV on Feb. hehehe :wlae:
  12. I wish I have enough money to buy whatever I want...:girlsigh:
  13. Once I bought my first LV I was hooked! I have not been able to buy or wear another brand since. I have thought about Balenciaga City but I still go back to LV. :love:
  14. if LV is what makes your heart smile a lot more.. then stick with it.. if other brands catch your fancy, no need to be exclusive..
  15. Hmmm...I think you should buy what you like. If LV is more of your fancy, then you should stick with LV. However, if there are other designers that you still fancy, I don't think you should limit yourself just because LV never goes on sale. LV will always be there; they don't retire too often styles like some other designers.

    Before I was also in the same situation. But to be quite honest, I find having too much LV to be boring. :shrugs: I want a Balenciaga and a Coach for once!