let me entertain you.... anyone else in UK

  1. who did this?

    register on we are what we do to get the AH ltd edition collectible shopping bag, only to sit there at 9.00am :nuts: sharp, ready with your switch or whatever, only to find that their website is soo ridiculously busy that by the time I get through they are all gone.... :crybaby:

    I don't think my baby will forgive me for another minute.... haha
  2. ah! we posted at the same time!
  3. By the way, did you get the email this morning? I didn't! :crybaby:
  4. just replied in your thread - yes I did but about 20 mins later than promised - secret link, hahaha. and I really just wanted the bag! (no resell or anything) oh well, never mind....

    btw, mods, if you see this or the other thread - we posted by chance at the same time, could you merge these?? Thanks!
  5. klicking on the link doesnt take you anywhere - their site is just too busy. either they crashed, so no way anyone is getting it or they are soo busy and all the bags are gone already!
  6. I am still trying to get there - I just tried it out and i was already on the actual 'shopping' page, when I threw me out again.... AAAAAA!
  7. Now I get a "Forbidden access" page! :cursing:
    And still no email! I guess they only sent the links to UKers??
  8. no no, I am not sitting in UK! I am in Germany - I have the same message and also from the link they sent out. I think the site is just f....

    I also get the forbidden access page from the email link.
  9. and just was on the "regular" page, but when I clicked on "shopping" I got the forbidden access message :hysteric:

    And that's all that I get right now
  10. Do you girls know that there is supposedly a supply at Dover Street Market and that they have a website? Might be worth calling/checking?
  11. yes same here - I reckon they did not expect this at all - so their server just crashed.... haha!

    no idea how the fashion crowd is ey? I reckon I am giving this another 30 mins and then I HAVE to take my baby for a walk. never mind ANYA!
  12. Thanks for the tip!!!!! just did that... not online!!!!! don't get your hopes up folks!
  13. lol, I have nothing to do until 2:30pm today until I leave for work, so I'm gonna go and pour myself another cup of coffee and just wait :whistle:

    still didn't get that darn email though :cursing: (just a false alarm from Glam Network, lol)
  14. Sorry:shame: . Any chance a phonecall to AH stockists like Dover Street, Harvey Nics and the AH stores themselves in Pont Street and Notting Hill could help you bag your bag?
  15. Boudoir _ are you sitting in Paris? these are selling today at Colette as well!!!! it says so on the AH website.

    only Harvey nics or harrods might do mail order - maybe dover street market - other AH stores will not. so they say anyway on the website