Let dying mother back to UK to receive treatment!

  1. I just cannot believe how callous it was to take that woman from a hospital to deport her!



    Saturday January 12,2008

    Ghana's high commissioner in London has called for a terminally-ill woman flown to Africa from Britain to be allowed to return.
    Annan Cato is calling for the Government to reverse its decision and allow Ama Sumani back into the UK.

    The 39-year-old mother of two was taken from hospital in Cardiff on Wednesday and deported because her visa had expired.

    She had been receiving dialysis in hospital because a type of cancer, known as malignant myeloma, had damaged her kidneys.

    Within 24 hours of flying home to Ghana, Ms Sumani attended the main hospital in Accra, the country's capital.

    But it has been reported that she is unable to afford the more than £3,000 needed to pay for dialysis treatment in Ghana for the next three months.

    Now Mr Cato has appealed to the Government to reverse its decision and allow Ms Sumani back for treatment.

    "Even now I don't think it is too late for them to reconsider their position to allow her to come back and receive treatment," he told Radio Four's The World Tonight programme.

    "I would appeal to them to do so. I would plead that this lady come back and receive treatment in the UK.

    "The UK has in the past done this for many, many people and I am confident they could do it again."
  2. Call me ignorant but is health care free in the UK? I only ask because it seems like treatment would be cheaper in Ghana than the UK, and if she can't afford it in Ghana...someone enlighten me.
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    Yes there is National Health care in UK. People do not have to pay for treatment in public hospitals.
  4. So sad when we allow people to suffer because of red tape.

    It's more common than we think too.
  5. I know morally that the right thing would have been to let this lady have the treatment - but the NHS in the UK is another issue.

    When its own people are still having to sell property to fund getting cancer treatment for certain drugs that can save or prolong their lives that also is not fair!! As we all know in the UK there is a postcode lottery - that also is not good. Unfortunately this lady rightly or wrongly was in the UK illegally and was deported back to her own country.

    I am not saying that l agree with this, but sad as it maybe, the immigration officers made this decision and they are the ones that have to live with this.
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    I agree that the Health care is absolutely not what it should be, don't think it is in any country. Many people here are denied drugs that are just too expensive & as you say it can be a Post code lottery. I just think that it was so insensitive to take this woman from a hospital to the airport!

    The whole health care issue bugs me greatly when you think of how much money is being wasted to actually kill people. I am sure the money spent on the Iraq war could have cured many, many, many people!
  7. ITA, unfortunately this lady was illegally in the UK.

    People who are residents in this country and have been contributing the national insurance are having to wait years for operations.

    I'm sorry for this lady but should we add even more stress for her to return to the UK, why not just treat her in her own country.

    I know this might sund callous but why should the UK foot the bill for her treatment?
  8. Oh that is just ridiculous. Could they not have operated and then deported her?
  9. Unfortunately it is a well known fact that a lot of overseas visitors go to the UK in order to take advantage of the free medical care. As much as I feel sorry for this lady, there is a limit to what the British taxpayer should have to fork out. The UK taxpayer cannot be expected to foot medical bills for expensive treatment for visitors. It's getting worse and no wonder there are long waiting lists for Brits to get treatment and surgery. I for one believe overseas visitors should be charged for medical care during visits to the UK. It should be made compulsory for overseas visitors to take out appropriate medical health insurance to cover themselves, just like we all have to get medical insurance for travelling overseas. It is up to the woman's own country to take care of her, rather than expect another country to foot the bill.