Let Coach Design Your Dream Car!

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  1. OK, this proves I am totally consumed by all things Coach. :wlae: I was thinking, if Coach made my dream car what would I want it to look like. I am thinking it would be an Ergo sports coupe. It would definitely be turquoise! The seats would be natural leather. The seatbelts would look like Legacy ponytail scarves. This would be a high performance vehicle and it would have a GPS system that would find the nearest Coach store!
    What would YOUR Coach car be like?
  3. Haha How fun is this!! I would have a Legacy Pond coloured Convertible VW bug (or some other cute little convertable) with a soft roof in Natural and Natural Leather Seats (mmm it would smell so good). I'd have a dock where my ipod could plug into my car while still in a cute Coach ipod case and the hand rest between the front seats would lift up to reveal a special compartment for my handbag (to keep it from getting dirty of course). I would also have a GPS system as I have the worst sense of direction. The Glove compartment would be stocked with a fold up Coach umbrella, Coach, driving gloves, and a coach case stuffed with other essentials. The steering wheel would be covered in a satin legacy stripe steering wheel cover (or perhaps a turquoise Ergo leather version...i can't decide). ooh, i really want this car!!!!:heart:
  4. Come on ladies! Are you going to tell me you don't want a Coach Car???:blah:
  5. legacy white lexus sc 430. it would have whiskey interior and a whiskey steering wheel. and id want watercolor stripe seatbelts ! it would have a hook right by the steering wheel to hang my bag for easy access. now i just need my license :P
  6. I'll take a Black Leather Carly Edition Escalade with Signature stripe seatbelts, black leather and nickel, not brass, interior, and Coach tail lights, k thanks!!!
  7. I'll place my order now for a Black Patent Mustang Shelby Convertible with Legacy leather seats. The seatbelts and steering wheel would have to be legacy stripe, of course! And I like Rapunzel's thinking....Coach hookup for my iPod and lots o'goodies in the glove box!
  8. All this talk of designing bags and keyfobs reminded me of this old thread. I think it would be fun to revive it as long as we're all on this designing streak ;)
  9. Lol this is cute! Mine would be a Gunmetal Mercedes coupe with vachetta leather seats, shearling headrests, the seat back pockets and glove compartment would be lined with the legacy stripes and the doorlocks/knobs/switches all look like turnlocks.
  10. This is my dream car exactly!!! Wooo hooo!!!!:nuts:
  11. Put me down for a juniper color jeep with whiskey leather interior and a tattersall hard removeable roof..give me the antique brass hardware for door handles, knobs, switches, etc. I'll also need a custom spare tire cover..thinking tattersall for that too. I'll need the coach logo (carriage & horses) embossed on the adjustable headrests and the spare tire cover. I like the legacy stripe too...I know..give me a legacy stripe ball for my radio antenna. :nuts:
  12. How can I forget a "coach" vanity plate!
  13. I would have a convertible...something really fast!!! the interior would be a purple lurex and the exterior an metallic dark purple and light purple!!! :faint:
  14. omg you like read my mind! lol
  15. :nuts: A bronze Lincoln MKX with Legacy Stripe Leather seats, Brass Hardware Turnlocks for buttons, and Patent Leather Seatbelts oh and Coach Logo on the Navigation Screen