Lessons Learned! (Sometimes the Hardway..)


Aug 5, 2013
Chesapeake, VA
I wanted to start a thread about lessons we've learned in carrying types of purses. Was there something you learned that you want to share with another purselover??

For me it was the whole "smell" element. I didn't realize how bad a bag could really get till I bought one from EBay and it STUNK of cigarette and ash. I looked at the advertisement and sure enough, I didn't see a comment about smoke free home. I tried to return it but the person was a jerk, so I just gave it away. Lesson learned??? Never carry my most loved bags anywhere that smell can get into them. That includes BBQ or even types of restaurants.

Another lesson learned is to NEVER carry a spring pen in your purse, only pens with tops. when I saw the little ink stain in my Galliera PM, I almost cried! Lucky I found a way to get it mostly out, but yea...never again will I carry a pen that has a spring in it. What are some "purse lessons" you have learned?


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Nov 23, 2008
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Those are both great lessons! I've learned:
1. To wait and not be so impulsive with purchases so I don't regret them
2. Not to keep food in my purse! Once I left a protein bar in a purse and put it back on the shelf, and found later that my dog had pulled it down and gotten into it to get the food. I caught her before she ate it but I panicked for two reasons- that she had eaten chocolate and that she may have damaged my bag!
3. Keep bags stuffed when not in use to keep shape
4. Get all pre-loved bags authenticated!

I'm sure there are more, but it's a start.


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Mar 31, 2012
Accept that my brand new and perfect 2k-3k bag, will not be so new or perfect in a few weeks.
If that causes me distress, I will not buy the bag.


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May 4, 2012
I, too learned the lesson about a smoky bag the hard way. Didn't ever think of that until I bought one that stunk so bad of smoke. I put the bags of deodorizer in it everyday for a month, and still smelled.
Another lesson I learned, don't go to a restaurant and leave your bag hanging on the outside of your chair, especially in a bar area. The servers walked by there and one of them rubbed against my brand new bag and got a big spot of butter on it.
Another one...cover your pens you keep inside your purse, unless you want pen marks everywhere.
We learn :smile:


Jul 27, 2013
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Accept that brand loyalty isn't a blood oath. Expand your horizons and don't feel disloyal when a brand you once embraced no longer suits your lifestyle or economic situation.


Jul 29, 2009
Avoid impulse buys - I bought a Coach Hippie several years ago and found the style didn't work well for me - only used it a few times and recently gave it to a charity that provides clothes and bags to welfare/abused women getting back into the workforce. Someone got virtually a brand new Coach!

Also a few brands I won't buy again due to quality issues (not in the category I'd call designer - $100 or less price point) - several different brands that fell apart/zipper broke/etc. after only a few weeks. Not just because they were inexpensive, I have had inexpensive bags that were good quality.

No uncoated canvas/cloth bags after a Coach (preloved) leaked when I was caught in a rainstorm and the contents got soaked.


Jun 9, 2011
-No pens (or pencils) in purses, unless in a plastic baggie within yet another cosmetic pouch!
-Tissues need to be stored same as above, unless you like lint all over the lining of your bag!
-Don't buy an ugly designer bag on sale just because it's...well, designer and...on sale.
-Don't sell bags you adore. Just. do. not!


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Jan 30, 2014
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Agree 100% on pens! I use an old reading glasses case for pens in my purses now

Also no sunscreen/lotions outside of zippered cosmetic bags. Nobody likes a gooey purse

Basically my lessons learned boil down to "keep your stuff organized in your purses!"
Nov 29, 2011
If you love love a bag, don't wait for the sale. When it sells out, you'd pay way more than an extra 20-25% to find it again


Oct 5, 2014
If there is deal that is too good to be true, then it is very likely to be fake/counterfeit products from China.

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Apr 30, 2014
Paying a few thousand dollars on a bag doesn't mean it will be tough enough to withstand being banged around tables, walls, doors... Nope.


Mar 31, 2013
Always, always check the measurements and google some photos of the bag being worn. A bag usually looks a lot bigger in a picture with a super skinny zero size model holding it.

Never buy a bag that has "wrong color" hardware or other detailing - no matter what, silver is my thing so shiny gold hardware just doesn't feel like ME.

Be sure you have the patience to faff around with flaps and drawstrings etc and that the shape of the bag makes it easy to keep organised so you can find things. I'm an impatient person and I loathe flaps and other fussy closures that sit between me and my belongings - zippers and magnets are the way to go.

Just don't be so stupid and buy an expensive bag in a sensitive material. One scratch or stain and that's it, your investment down the drain. Unless you're one of those freakish people that actually can protect a bag from everything, including yourself. In that case, buy anything you want. I can't.

If you're unsure, buy a classic. Do not go for a "I MIGHT love that"-style expensive bag that might be difficult to get rid of without losing all your money. Mulberry Tillie Drawstring is cute as a button but the measurements and gold hardware plus the flap = 1,100 euro bag that just sits in my closet and nobody wants to buy for more than 200 euros.
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Nov 22, 2013
Dont compromise on what you find comfortable/attractive because something is on sale or is super popular. I bought a couple tote bags because I liked how they looked on other people..All of them mistakes because I prefer cross body bags or at least shoulder with a long strap.
Also, estimate correctly on how much stuff you carry on a daily basis and buy size accordingly.