lesson not to buy things off ebay, use paypal anyway if u did!

  1. ok, i bought a balenciaga clutch from a seller at eBay, but we're doing an off eBay transaction.
    she got great FB on eBay and i thought it would be fine...
    i was soooo excited and send the payment right away through paypal on feb 5th.
    the seller said that she'll shipped to me through fedex or UPS which i belive will only took like a week the most worldwide.
    i'm in asia, and she's in canada.

    but until the end of fe, i emailed her and asking for the tracking numbers adn the shipment she used to send it, she only replied me like when i sent 2-3 emails adn NEVER gave me any info on the shipment.
    she just repeatedly saying that it took longer to shipped int'l and bla bla bla.

    i said that i've been shipped bags from sellers at canada and it took me only a week, 2 weeks the most including the timing of the bag held at custom.

    finally i open an open discussion at paypal. that allows me to say what i wanna say with paypal knowledge, and she's not being very responsible.

    i said many times in front of paypal that all i NEED is teh shipping numbers and proofs that she have shipped me the clutch.

    finally when she's not respondingon the tracking numbers but saying over and over gaian about the late int'l shipping BS, i filed a claim.

    she responded me to say that she don't want to lose money and i should be patience, the item's shipped. and it was already march 20th!

    and she send paypal a tracking number at canada post (which is not the fedex or UPS she's promising me) and when i tracked it! it said that the item's delivered and received in an adress in USA!!! :wtf: i'm in asia, even my paypal confirmed address is not in states.

    and finaly 2 days after that, paypal granted my dispute :yahoo:
    although i lose like 20$ for the sue, but at least i'm not losing 500$ :cursing:

    btw, here's her ebay id in case anyone's wondering
  2. It sucks when a seller doesn't ship with the method you agreed, I'm sure you paid for UPS or Fedex service, not for postal service which is far cheaper. I'm glad you got your money back
  3. Congrats! What a scammer, trying to even trick paypal. Owee. Anyway, I wish ebay would set up a "Unfavourites" list of ebay ID's we can stay away from, its hard to keep track of them all :sad:
  4. There sure is a reason why I stay absolutely clear of off ebay transactions..
  5. good thing you were able to get your money back. something similar happened to me on Ebay, although it only was about a magazine, not an expensive thing like a bag. I didn't open a dispute on Paypal right away, because the seller told me she was sending another as replacement for the lost one. It never arrived too. And it was too late for me to open a dispute on Paypal. I suppose Ebay is a haven for scammers.
  6. I totally agree with seahorse...I did a Bbag transaction off ebay and while everything went smoothly, I'm not going to do it again. The whole time I felt really nervous since I sent over $1000 via echeck and not through a credit card :wacko:!! That was really stupid of me in retrospect. Thriftiness in saving ebay and paypal fees in this case isn't worth the risk.

    Sure, doing a transaction off ebay doesn't offer that much more protection...but at least there is a record and pressure from both ebay and Paypal if there is any wrongdoing. Before I did the transaction I read the terms and conditions of using Paypal, and noticed that most of the language for buyer protection is for transactions done on ebay... paypal protection for non-ebay transactions seemed murky at best.
  7. glad you got your money back!

  8. Glad you won. I honestly would suspect that it was never sent and the information you were sent as proof, were of an item sent to someone else.

    I had a non delivery claim, I won, the seller produced a receipt of 17 items shipped on one particular date, but no identifying addresses, just literally 17 x amount of postage.

    There was not enough information to prove it had been sent.

    Proof of posting, is not proof of delivery. Which is important to everyone. Insist on trackable postage.
  9. Glad you got it sorted!
  10. Phew, glad that it all worked out for you in the end!
  11. thanks for the support girls...

    lesson learnt well that don't be afraid to claim on paypal even though the seller said that it's shipped.
    asked for proofs, and if the seller avoided you, communicate both ways through paypal's knowledge.
    at least THEy know how the communication goes and can judged by the communication proofs who's the right and wrong :yes:
  12. This seller has been discussed on the Balenciaga forum a lot - she's turning into another monaco-babe - she has scammed a number of people on this forum, but occasionally completes a good transaction to throw people off. So sorry you ran into her, seahorse...
  13. Glad you got most of your money back. I've made several ebay purchases (inexpensive) and was satisfied each time. But you never know...
  14. ^ITA!:yes: or maybe you can start a thread here w/ no chatting?so at least we know:smile:

    seahorseinstripes,im glad u got ur money back!!!
  15. awful experience, but i'm glad you were able to get your money back!