Lesser expensive vs. top dollar


Nov 12, 2006
So I was in the mall today and saw some beautiful bags, some on sale.

Interested in your opinion:

Do I buy a lesser expensive bag say $300-$400 like a Furla bag or do I wait and buy something like a louis vuitton? (I already have a few louis')

My concern is, will I end up spending money on a bag that might be out of style in a year, while a louis vuitton never goes out of style as many have been around for years and years. For now, some of the Furla bags (and longchamp, etc.) look really nice but I know that their styles often change.

What do you guys think?


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
i think, don't pay attention on the brand.
but how much you really liked the bag.
if your goal is an LV, and getting the furla is just for a replacement or something you can have UNTIL you get an LV, don't buy it! wait to get the LV.

i've been having some situation like thsi before. i always wanted an LV MC speedy, and before i can get that, to satisfy my needs in having a new bag, i buy something from LV in lower range, and this happens a few times that when i realized, i could've get that MC speedy with all the money i splurge on the other LV's which i never wear again once i got my dream bag.


Nov 12, 2006
I think you guys are right. The fact is I really want an Epi Soufflot but can't afford it now. Rather than spending money on another bag that I like, I think I am better off saving the money for the bag I really LOVE. I think in the long run, I'll be sorry that I settled for something.

Thanks for your input!:yes:

P.S.--the waiting sure is hard!

Miss Sooky

Oct 22, 2006
I've learned the hard way that although there are lots of 'pretty nice' bags from places like LK Bennett, Phase 8 or Jaegar, unless I adore them over all other bags I am desiring, it will be a poor and ultimately uneconomical compromise. Bags that make my heart sing endure because they are the real object of my desire, be it an Anya Hindmarch, Balenciaga or other unheard of or even unbranded bag. It's about what I love - I just wish I didn't love Hermes so much . . .now that is a song in my heart I just have to ignore for now . . .!

Seriously though, the idea of a Hermes inspired or even just a compromise structured bag will be an expensive mistake for me - I want the real deal, whether its branded or not, because for me, the real deal is about utter passion for a bag - platonic relationships just aren't the thing!