Less than a week til PCE so. . . .

  1. What's on the top of everyone's lists???

    I'm buying several gifts.....

    And for me..... a Bleecker ...of some kind... hahaha won't know til I shop! This will be my "Christmas Bag".... Hub has given me permission to shop on his behalf!
  2. I kind of want a chocolate sig bleecker duffle...the medium one :smile:
    I hope to find some bracelets, and a scarf as well :smile:
  3. A gift for my husband. I'm slowly replacing his crappy old belts. He absolutely LOVES the Coach belts.

    I'll probably get something for me too. I want to try on the Bleecker hobo but will probably get the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Juniper.
  4. I'm hoping to splurge on the cashmere signature patchwork knit scarf :graucho:
  5. I really want the Legacy sash belt, and I'm kinda lovin' on the Bleecker medium duffle in ink, but I don't want another duffle since I have the large magenta, and none of the other bags are really speaking to me right now. I'm supposed to be on a ban but...with the discount the belt is only $150.

    Can you order things from JAX with PCE or does it depend on the SA?
  6. Definitely the punch agenda and raisen Leigh. I saw some turnlock wallets on the Japan site so I'm HOPING that it is also availible to order here. The wallet looks just like the turnlock agenda - here, take a look!


  7. I'm getting a raisin Leigh for sure. I also might get a crossbody bag of some sort -- either the legacy hippie in whiskey or the ergo crossbody in tobacco or black. And I'm sure I'll think of something else...
  8. I'm thinking about the Bleecker medium duffle in coal black/british tan/ or rust. Anyone have one?

    Also thinking of the medium Carly in kahki/beet

    I also want a couple of scarves and a charm- may leave that for my Christmas list.
  9. I normally buy signature because I find all leather to be boring. For some reason, I really want a white leather bag. It would be my first all leather bag. I am afraid of buying one after hearing about all the color transfer problems and wonder if it will scratch easily.
  10. i dont like a lot this time...but hopefully ill be able to find something...
  11. The next items on my PCE "wish list" are two pair of flats and a signature gallery tote.
  12. I am thinking about getting the parfum, love that scent!