less than 2000 dollars, what can I buy

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  1. What can I buy with less than 2000 dollar range?
    I prefer a flap...
  2. Depends if you want new or used.
    For used, quite a range on ebay etc these days
    For new, WOC, timeless clutch maybe even a mini classic?
  3. timeless clutch, wallet on chain from the new collection is gorgoeus!
  4. If you want a flap, the E/W or mini sized flap are under 2k.

    The gold python flap from what I think is the Soft & Chain collection recently went on sale for about $1,400 (60% or so off retail). I can't remember if this was at NM or Nordstrom, but details are in the Chanel shopping subforum.

    I got my vintage XL lambskin flap with gold hardware for just above 1k off of eBay, in excellent condition as well.
  5. I prefer new one... E/W flap is cute but does it fit a lot of stuffs?
  6. ^^It's a littel on the small side. Its should fit wallet, cellphone/Blackberry, keyholder and maybe a few cosmetics at most. For $2000, I'd go with PST or GST. Good luck w/ your decision.