Less than 2 weeks to our anniversary cruise.....

  1. I am just so excited!! My dh and I will have been married a year in less than 2 weeks (April 8th) and we are taking a cruise to celebrate. I cannot wait and just had to share. :yahoo:

    We are going to port in Grand Turk and Nassau...any one have any suggestions of what to see at either place?

    I've got to start packing too, I'm afraid of overpacking so I'm trying to only take two outfits per day. One for during the day and one for dinner.

    If ya'll have any suggestions for me please let me know..what to pack or what to see!!!
  2. woohoo congrats!! :drinkup:

  3. LOL, I was just going to post a cruise question too! I'm going on a cruise with my family next Saturday & I don't know what to bring or what to see either. We're hitting Miami, San Juan Puerto Rico, Antigua, St. Thomas & then Norwegian's private island in the Bahamas!

    I could definitely use some suggestions/advice too!
  4. ^I hope you have fun on your cruise..let me know how you like it! I would love to visit Antigua and St. Thomas!!!

    Hopefully we will get some good advice for our cruises here!

  5. :yes: We'll have to compare stories when we get back. I hope you and your hubby have a fantastic time.

    Have you checked out cruisecritic.com? I've been browsing there, definitely helpful!
  6. Yes, we will have to compare stories. I love traveling and especially places I haven't been before!

    I have been visting cruisecritic.com, its a great place. I found several things out about the cruise lines I didn't know. Did you sign up to be a member over there? I have the same name as I do on here..:shame:
  7. Yep, I'm jilllybean307 there too, but I haven't started posting yet, just basically browsing the message boards & reading the ship reviews.

    What city are you leaving out of?
  8. These forums: http://cruise-chat.com/eve/forums are a great resource to find out about ships and ports. I found them too late for my cruise last fall, but will research extensively for my Christmas cruise this year.
  9. I've only posted a handful of times. I found a few people from my state that are going on the same cruise as we are and I think they are going to try to meet up and have drinks before setting sail the first day.

    We are leaving out of Ft. Lauderdale...I tried to talk dh into going down early and staying there for a few days, but airline prices were so expensive.
    What about you guys?
  10. Thanks Pidgeon..I'll check that site out!!
  11. We're leaving out of Miami-so excited! We're getting there on Saturday so that we have a day to explore Miami before hopping on the cruise.

    There's five of us going-so we're like our own little mini tour group!

    Airfare was expensive for us too! I've never spent so much flying to Florida-usually it's a cheapo flight from Philadelphia!
  12. Oh that will be fun, the next cruise we take we want to go in a group. This time it will be just the two of us..but that will be ok!! I'm just looking forward to being on vacation.

    Airfare was about $500 roundtrip when we first started looking and when we finally booked we ended up paying almost $700 for the both of us. I couldn't believe it!!! We are even flying southwest:wtf:
  13. Congrats! I'm too affraid to do a cruise :shame:
  14. Thanks Tylisa...this will be our first cruise!! I hope that it goes well and we don't get seasick!!
  15. No one has any suggestions on what to pack? Or what to see at the islands?