Less is more????????

  1. I konw,some of you ladies will think i am crazy after read this thread:yes:
    After reading so many 'smart' books i figured out 'less is more' make me happy..
    Started to sort out my wardrobe,my bathroom,my boyfirends:graucho: (just kidding)...and now got to the stage of my holy bags!!!!
    i am a happy owner of:
    Etoupe swift Lindy 34
    Tricolor(brown colorway) togo 36 HAC
    Chatrause clemence 35 Birkin
    Black togo 35 Trim II
    Gold clemence Bolide
    Etoupe Picotin MM
    Toile/Black GP
    Sable Christine
    Indigo GM Massai...
    Since i just started my new business,I more or less work 24/7 which means HAC or Birkin are on call...

    I dont know if any of you ever had this feeling,I dont have any reason why,i just think i dont use them so much as i should and maybe my other bags got 'the attention they deserve'....
    Or am I only insane??????:confused1:

    Please give me your opinions!

  2. I will be of no help...I could not part with the chartreuse bag ...:graucho:
  3. if you can afford to keep them, for the most part, selling bags is a losing proposition. your collection is diverse and so each bag has it's own appeal.
    believe me i do understand the less is more philosophy. i love it, and totally embrace it, but it can be achieved by acquiring less instead of tossing more. lol
  4. But seriously, I am of no help either. I would have to say part with bags you rarely/never use.
  5. Remember ladies, no buying or selling on tPF!
  6. You are not alone, missmarbella........I've done this too. I now have a few Birkins, Kellys (and these are all vintage), a Plume Elan, a Bolide and a Kelly Elan. And they all serve a purpose and I am in LOVE with each. So, I think it's a good thing to re-evaluate ones collection every now and again because as we grow older and move through life our circumstances and desires change.

    Personally, I think the last three are a good choice to go given the rest of the list (and I might even add the Picotin) but I'd replace one with a Kelly! 28cm for a chic day to evening bag.
  7. Sorry for any missunderstanding...i have no intention to sell here since my friend own a shop who would be glad to sell for me and it wouldnt be any significant loss on the purchase price...
    But as i said,i am not selling because 'money-need'...
  8. S'mom,i see you undestand me well... i was just think to replace with Kelly 32!!!:yahoo: Than i start again????
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  10. missmarbella - would you try putting your list in the new thread i just started?
  11. Bad news: chatrause is a keeper:yes:
  12. ^^ :crybaby:

  13. I got EYES:noggin: on your Tricolor Togo HAC 26cm!!
    I know..I know..no buying/selling. I'm just joining the fun!..But seriously...:graucho:

    Well...I'm selling/sold some of my personal collections too. It is truly hard to let it go. What I do is, prior deciding to sell it... I look at each and every one of my bags. and..

    I recount the times I used it?
    Does it look good as if I just got it the first time?
    Did I have good memories for this bag?
    Did it signify something at that point and time when I got this bag?
    Has it ever gotten a good use out of it?
    Does it makes my :heart: flutter when I use it?
    Would I regret selling it for less?
    Would I make money or profit from selling it?
    Would I get a new bag from this?
    Would people buy it?
    Am I really ready to let this one go to a new home?

    When "YES" is the answer to all or at least 5 of these questions..then I'd suggest sell it.

    If you find it in your heart that you REALLY like the bags you're thinking of selling, Dont sell it. You might regret it. (I did once...but I learned to let it go afterwards..it's hard though)
  14. I'm curious about the books. Which ones??

    I've never regretted getting rid of any bags, but I have regretted parting with some designer/vintage clothing a couple of years back because of the memories I had associate with it. I can't give you specific recommendations - but that's something you may want to decide yourself - one person's favorite bag will gather dust in another closet.
  15. For me it feels very smart to part with things I'm not using and haven't used - be it clothing or bags or shoes...I'm constantly striving for the "less is more" way of life!