Less expensive version of this style?

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  1. Try perusing the Nordstrom's site. There are a lot of bags out there now with this general shape for less, check out Francesco Biasia and Michael by Michael Kors.
  2. I think ashford.com has some...
  3. Try waiting until after Xmas. Burberry online store tends to have an end-of-the-season clearance at the end of the year. Last year, I saw a similiar style (a cidar red one) of your Burberry bag and it went for about $400 to $500 or so. Your patience will pay off eventually. I'm waiting for their clearance as well since they usually put about 30 purses on clearance at a time and the price is hella cheap too. =)
  4. Burberry has really awesome sales. Actually just recently (about 4 or so weeks ago) there was a major Burberry sale. A $550 bag went for $149. Not bad...

    It's the waiting game that sucks...:Push:
  5. Thanks, ladies! I will check out these sites and keep checking on burberry.com.:biggrin:
  6. :amazed: WAIT!!! Here are some I love at Nordstroms...their all fairly pirced....

    1. BCBGirls 'city slicker' $158
    2. Francesco Biasia 'sambuca' $350
    3. Franceso Biasa 'taburno' $268
    4. My Flat in London 'sling hobo' $495

    All are around 12"w/8"h/4.5"d
    Pretty good sized bags!
    If you liek any of them Nordstroms.com
    bcbgirls.jpg f.b .jpg fb taburno.jpg my flat in lond.jpg
  7. ok..i know this is an old thread..but i just bought on burberry.com a purse for 199 that originally was 475! I LOVE when that happens! I seem to luck out with Burberry...from the last call sale last fall I found a Burberry clutch for 85 dollars, compared to 325
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