LeSportsSac Jardin Hawaii

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a LeSportSac Deluxe Everyday Bag in the Hawaii-only print Jardin? I have a large weekender, the Mini-Bucket bag and the cosmetic case. I should have bought it when I was in Honolulu. I did not find it in Maui. I am going to Kona in July 2007, but I think they only carry it in Honolulu. I am attaching a photo of the Mini-Bucket bag and cosmetic case.

  2. Kyooot. But I know nothing ): Sorry~
  3. Hmmm... I guess it'd depend on how old the print is? I don't remember seeing it at Ala Moana, but maybe they have it at the other boutiques? Or if it's old, maybe it's out in the Waikele outlet?
  4. that is a really nice bag! why does hawaii get the greatest prints????? i have never seen a regular lesportsac with such a nice print!!! hawaii rocks!!!
  5. I'm really not a fan of floral prints...but I'll keep an eye out.
  6. I bought this "print" purse of LeSportSac in February 2006. A friend of mine bought hers in July 2006. So, it was available a year ago for sure. Thanks, Tanja
  7. Great. I appreciate it. Tanja
  8. It is a GREAT pattern. I get stopped all the time at airports by ladies asking where I got it. Especially in Tokyo. The Japanese ladies love it. But ladies in general like it and it gets quite a bit of attention.
  9. Maybe you should try calling our outlet to see if they have it... Otherwise, I'll probably be going there on Saturday when I visit my parents.
  10. OK, I just looked at your picture again to remember. I might be going to the outlet today just to check it out -- hopefully not buy a bag O__O no no i can't...i'm banned. But still..I MIGHT go..so I'll look but Maya can make sure if she goes cuz yaa I might be blind haha.
  11. I went to our outlet today and they do not have this Jardin print. I'm sorry.
  12. Thanks so much for looking. I really appreciate it. Tanja
  13. No problem. I'll continue to keep looking whenever I go to the outlet!