LeSportsac website updated

  1. Did someone post about the website being updated yet? (Sorry I haven't been on for awhile). Well, If not, Then I wanted to let you know that Tutti and Trasporto are now available for purchase online :smile:

    It's so sad to see some of the bag styles gone though :sad:
  2. Yeah, I think someone posted about the update... But you can always get the discontinued styles in Hawaii or Guam if you're willing to pay our retail. They're not discontinuing styles here...
  3. I feel dumb, I just found a post about it. Sorry to post a repeat thread... Why isn't there a delete button?!?!
  4. Don't feel dumb. A lot of us, including you I'm guessing, don't have all the time in the world to search through every thread that's been put up about tokidoki. *lol* I sure don't.