Lesportsac upcoming 'tattoo' print (non-tokidoki)

  1. LOL I never thought I'd be posting a non-tokidoki lesportsac thread...

    Anyway what I'm looking for is any information about the upcoming lesportsac 'tattoo' print.

    I got an advertisement in the mail for the upcoming lesportsac bags when I made my lesportsac.com tokidoki purchase, and there was a print called 'tattoo' which is coming sometime soon, it has pirates and skulls and maybe mermaids, the average tattoo looking stuff on it.

    Well I described it to my friend and she really wants one, but I don't see any info on the site yet and was wondering if anyone else saw an ad for it or knows anything about it.

  2. hm maybe look on the japanese site? they have previews of different prints. there's one with little circles on a blue background with motorcycles and skulls and shoes and it's kinda cute!
  3. is it a L.AM.B bag? i googled it and it came up with L.AM.B tattoo or something? i checked the japanese site and it didn't list this print. :shrugs:
  4. Yeah the one you are talking about is kinda cute... I have already checked the lesportsac japan website (and just double checked to be sure) but its not up there... That was a good idea though! Oh well I wish I hadn't thrown away that ad...
  5. No its not a lamb bag... Its a new print that hasn't been released yet, I think if I remember correctly it was in august or after that it was supposed to be released? Anyway its a regular lesportsac.
  6. you could try calling the lesportsac stores and see if they have any catalogs or something for upcoming prints?
  7. i dont know if anyone saw it, but on the Japan lesportsac site, they have AMORE!
  8. yeah, they do! japan LSS site also has a famiglia campeggio, which shall be mine!

    this tattoo print sounds cute! i have a clear hello kitty tattoo bag from a couple of summers ago and i get hecka compliments on it.

    (not as many as my amore gioco, but hey.)
  9. i noticed too that theres 2 non-toki lesportsac prints coming out that look almost identical to famigilia also - there's pictpop which has a dark brown background w/circles with diff characters in them, and then ping pong which is the light brown background with brown & blue circles. When Amore came out, I noticed that there was a brightly colored LSS print that looked just like that one too, I wonder if that is just a coincidence? Or intentional on LSS's part?
  10. hmm maybe it is intentional? or possibly some of the things turning up in toki bags and LSS bags are just overall fashionable trends?

    *cuddles amore* i love stuff with hearts, and LSS has made quite a few :heart: prints.
  11. Can someone post a link to the famiglia?
  12. is the amore available to buy? if so, why isn't the amore available to buy here? :sad:
  13. hmm i tried to add a ciao to my cart, but nothing came up. granted a ciao is like 2100 yen (roughly $200 USD) - I'll see what turns up in the Tokyo Lesportsac while im there! *crosses fingers for amore!* I figure if I get it while im on vacation I can justify the price lol! :p
  14. lol. hey, vacation is a time to enjoy yourself. that alone justifies the high price!
  15. I just emailed lesportsac customer service to ask about the tattoo print, I'll let you guys know what they say