Lesportsac Tokidoki Fall Available Online Now!!!!!

  1. Hurry before they're sold out!! LeSportsac
  2. thanks for the link.. my mom wants to buy my little cousin the nuvola for school haha.
  3. so cute but.. man they raised the prices! for the price of buying three of these bags i could get a really nice purse...decisions!
  4. They are sooo cute!!! I love the Bella.
  5. You're welcome, barbie.belle! The nuvola would be a nice school bag. Your Mom sounds nice!

    pinkbunny -- They DID raise the prices, didn't they? I kept waffling back and forth. I had a feeling they would raise the prices given the demand so I was saving my money. I had to decide fast because I didn't want them to sell out while I was waffling!

    purplekitty22 -- I LOOOOVE French Kitty :love: ! I have all the French Kitty books, most of the stationery, a daily calendar and even some shirts!!
  6. Just wondering if there are any online coupons for that site?
  7. I don't know of any. I just checked the Deals & Steals section and I didn't see any there. It would be nice if there were coupons or discounts but the demand is so high that even if there were coupons, they'd probably exclude the Tokidoki items :sad: .
  8. Soooo cute!!! I need to get either the Gioco, Luna, or Buon Viaggio!:heart:
  9. I'm in Taiwan now and they have the CITTA collection out...not the Citta Rosa...but the sky gray one...they are soooooo cute. from what i heard, Taiwan is the only country with the Citta line out, and they will have the Citta Rosa later....while it's reversed in the U.S. and other places in Asia. I'm so tempted to buy it, but they overprice it so much in Asia.

    I'm attaching pix of the forest collection and the next two collections (angel/devil) that will be coming out soon.:yes:
    tokidokilove.jpg tokidokiangel.jpg tokidokidevil.jpg
  10. the accessories are not cheap either.
  11. yeah, true. i don't know.. they are cute but i am saving (kind of) for something else.. not sure if i can justify paying for some of the higher bags.. esp since they are nylon. cute nylon but still..maybe i'm cheap but one of the bags cost around 300 not including shipping and tax.

    are these bags easy to clean?
  12. Hi bedhead63,

    Thanks for the pics :smile: I love Tokidoki for LeSportsac
    I'm lemming both the Foresta & Angel prints. Any idea when these two prints will be available?
  13. Pictures of the FORESTA collection...they are SOOO CUTE...
    tokidokiforestamama.jpg tokidokiforesta3.jpg tokidokiforesta2.jpg tokidokiforesta.jpg
  14. Thanks so much for the pics and info, bedhead63 :flowers: !!!