LeSportSac shiny fabric bags

  1. hi. Anyone know a good place to buy the LeSportSac shiny fabric bags? I am trying to locate some of them. They weren't the famous dull looking fabric bags, but had a shinyness to them, like a black patent. I remember them from the late 70's/early 80's, when they were soo popular in California. If anyone knows which department stores carry them, please let me know. thanx!
  2. Are you talking about the Chroma-shine bags? The black one was available up to last year. That was when I got mine from the LeSportSac website. I never saw them at the department stores but I saw them once at Nordstrom Rack but they were small bags. I have also seen a shiny purple cosmetic pouch at Urban Outfitters. Perhaps you can try the LeSportSac outlets? They may have some but probably not the black.
  3. Yep, that's the one. Chroma-shine! Like i said in my original post, I remember them well from the 70's. A girl once tried to stick one in my locker at school, because it had a stinky sandwich in it. LOL ok i'll try Macy's and Dillards. Those stores, besides TJ Maxx or Marshalls, seem to be the only stores I have seen them here in Las Vegas. I'll also try the Nordstrom Rack.

  4. Hi there! I bought a metallic gray backpack from Lesportsac online back in the 90s and although I loved how it looked at first, the shine cracked and started peeling after about 6 months. I don't know if the metallic/shiny bags are made better these days but just thought I'd let you know. I hope the bag you get holds up better than mine did.
  5. Have you also thought about ordering from the LeSportsac website? I have noticed that they come out with one or two Chroma-Shine prints per season. Right now it is:

    Cream Chroma-Shine

    Double Platinum Chroma-Shine

    I think they are probably made better now. I have an everyday bag in a dark grey color and I have had it for over two years and with the abuse I put it through it still has its shine and I don't see any peeling at all.
  6. I haven't thought of that, but i'll give it some consideration. I am preferably trying to find some chroma-shine bags here in town, but if i can't, i will order them from Lesportsac's website.

  7. I ran a search, and this is the closest thread I could find.

    Does anyone have the patent finish LeSportsac bags? I'm considering the black patent weekender, but I'm afraid the fabric will crack or peel. Experiences?
  8. Fabric is fine just watch out for sticky things or stuff that transfer like newspaper ink. Very hard to remove!! Otherwise am loving the fig patent.
  9. fabric doesn't tear.... might have a loose thread or two after years of use....
    i have the black patent wallet... can get scratch mark on it if not careful...
  10. thanks for the input! so a patent leigh would be perfect for a carryon. i was concerned about it peeling or scratching with use, but i think it should be fine.
  11. For anyone still interested in the purse described by Purseguy in the first post, they are now selling various designs with that fabric on the LeSportSac website. But be careful because they have now started embossing their name in huge letters over the straps for the black purses. You can't see that in the photos on their website. And they don't refund shipping if you are unhappy with the product, so be sure you are ready to cover that if you change your mind.

    If you like that shiny black fabric and don't mind a knock-off brand, Target currently has 3 or 4 designs in that fabric. They also have some other fabrics designs in the regular cloth. I haven't seen them on their website, but they are in the stores.

    Finally, Macy's carries a lot of LeSportSac designs in their stores. I wasn't looking for the shiny black design, so I didn't notice in my store, but I bet some of their stores have them in stock. Again, though, watch out for the embossed strap; I don't like that, but you may not mind. I don't like to be a walking billboard for people's products. The little ribbon around the middle of the purse is bad enough.