LeSportsac Remix

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  1. remix is the new line of handbags from lesportsac that have a bit more of an edge. they aren't utilitarian and basic like the mainline lesportsac...the shapes are more adventurous, and the bags themselves are more embellished, with great metal hardware, a cute removable charm bracelet (featuring a cute rhinestone-studded "L" charm for the winter 2005 season), and leather trim.

    my favourite bag in the line is the "drum&bass" ... it's a huge hobo... measures about 17"x15" ... somewhere around there... here's mine in mercury/jet.... it's an off-black with metallic greyish-goldish trim... absolutely gorgeous... and the inside is lined in zebra print! :nuts:

  2. here are some of my picks from the winter 2005 remix collection:

    large skratch in jet/mercury, $88

    large studio in zebra jet, $128
  3. [​IMG]
    large spin in sequin zebra black, $148

    mixer in zebra jet, $128
  4. [​IMG]
    drum n bass in peacock, $158

    goa in jet/teal, $62
  5. I really like the large studio in zebra
  6. not a huge fan of lesportsac but they have been making some nicer ones lately. I like the peacock bags in their remix collection.