Lesportsac Outlets

  1. Will the Lesportsac Outlets charge to your cc and ship your items to your home?

    Does anyone have a list of their locations/phone numbers?

    Has anyone found any good deals there?
  2. Yes to all of your questions. They're listed on the Lesportsac.com website under store locations. That's where I've bought all of my from except one bag. All of them were at least 25% off, some were 50% off. They charge $8.50 to ship, Hawaii charges $15-20 to ship. Hawaii is the only one who doesn't let you charge. You have to mail them a money order.
  3. Thanks a lot!!!! I wanted to see about some of the older prints and wasn't having much luck online. And nowhere near me has even heard of Tokidoki.
  4. All of the old prints are available on eBay. But you the "best" deal you are likely to get is about 20% less than retail and in many cases they are above retail. The exception seems to be Bella bags. A lot of them seem to go for about $75 - $85 which is about 40% off retail
  5. LE SportSac also discounted at Nordstrom Rack stores.
  6. I saw a bunch of the OC stuff at Nordstroms Rack but nothing of Tokidoki... :sad: also saw a couple Harajuku watches... I guess I was too late if they ever did have any :crybaby:
  7. You're right DreamsofToki for some reason bellas are dirt cheap on ebay. I only paid $51+shipping for my fumo bella. I'm kicking myself because I should have bid on a citta rose bella that was going for around the same price. Unfortunately the person didn't relist it.
  8. i wonder how come the bellas sell cheaper on ebay?? is it because everyone has them and theres plenty more to go around or does the style suck and not a lot of ppl like it:confused1:
  9. I think the Bella is really a pretty style. But it does break up the print with all the zippers across the front. And it IS small. I have more Bellas (3) than anything else...probably because they are the easiest to get. I probably use them the most too. Except for maybe my portatelfono which is great to just grab and go when I need to make a quick trip somewhere.
  10. i agree that it breaks up the print a lot... maybe people get it then change their mind? :shrugs:
  11. I wear my Bella and Bella Bella 'backwards' so that the zippers are facing me and you can see the print better.
  12. thats not a bad idea either :biggrin: ..i like the bella, i got a pretty good front even though its chopped up :biggrin:
  13. I do the same thing! :nuts:
  14. I'm now considering a bella (or bella bella, there are a couple on ebay right now), in the cammo playground....

    I don't quite like the cammo on it's own, so I like that it gets broken up by the zippers! :graucho:
  15. BELLA BELLA IS GREAT! Get it rather than the Bella. BTW I think that Shampton still has some in olive cammo. But yeah, Bella Bella holds everything and has THREE inside pockets:heart:33333333 I wish they didn't discontinue Bella Bella, it's one of my favorite styles~.