lesportsac outlet?

  1. I've seen them mentioned in some posts, but I don't really find anything when I google it. Does anyone know where they are? I live in Southern California if that helps.If someone could post contact information that would also be great :smile:
  2. Just so you know, they don't have all of the outlets listed on their website. Lame huh? Anyway, I hunted one down in Tennessee. Its in Knoxville and the phone if 865-670-1616. Clerk said they had mostly the cammo prints and a few forestas.
  3. Wow...thanks Annie!! I just called there and they have a scuola and a luna in foresta. I was looking for a caramella but they only have that in cammo olive and she might have said inferno. :sad: . Oh well...that's so weird though..what kind of store is that?? She answered City Satchel!! Hmmmm.
  4. Is this a legit place? How much was the scuola going for?

  5. I believe it's a legit place...someone posted in another thread that it's no longer a lesportsac outlet but they still carry some lesportsac and at times it's 30% off. I didn't ask how much b/c I wasn't interested...sorry. You should call and find out the SA was sweet! Good Luck!!
  6. yeah, that was me that called back and she explained they used to be a Lesportsac outlet but not anymore. Now they just carry the bags when she can get them in stock.
  7. The number for the LeSportsac outlet near Seattle is (360) 654-3520. I know they got some bags in recently. I had called and they have Paradiso, Inferno, Fumo, some Cita and not that many Foresta. Also unless the LeSportsac outlet has changed their policy they don't allow returns so you really have to know what you are looking for.
  8. Thanks for the info. about the Seattle store. I still want a citta handbag.
  9. I just called and they don't have any foresta and said they never got anything in in that print. :confused1:
  10. Are they usually cheaper or on sale at the outlet stores?

  11. Yup, usually outlets will mark down the price a little.
  12. :confused1: They told me they got some. Are you looking for something specific in Foresta? They were 25% off about a month ago at one of the Macy's stores because I think they wanted to get rid of them. I kind of doubt they have anything left but I can check the next time I am there.
  13. I know someone else called after me and they said they had one bag left!! So weird that they told me they had none!! I'm looking for a little caramella pouch but macy's doesn't generally carry them so in terms of bags I'm looking for either a zucca or a gioco...I'm sure they're all gone. :sad:
  14. tokiliclious- your looking for a caramella in foresta? I will keep my eyes out for one!