Lesportsac Outlet -- Waikele, Hawaii

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  1. To those who are still looking for ORIGINAL PRINT, here ya go :P

    Original Print
    Andiamo, Bella, Bella Bella and Luna

    Black (notte?)
    Bella & Bella Bella

    A few people have been asking me about this, to check what they had, and that's all I saw. I'm sure they have some more in the back and it's not just what was on the floor. The prices are still 30% off Hawaii retail.

    The SA, a cute lil asian woman said that they will know by June 1st if they will be getting any other prints from the other Lesportsac Stores in Hawaii.

    So call the store if you guys want anything :biggrin:
  2. Darn- I just bought one (andiamo) on ebay....I am sure it was cheaper through the outlet....
  3. what is 30% of their prices?
  4. Aw, that's OK..as long as you're happy with your bag it's all good aye? :biggrin:
  5. Well, 30% off a bella is 109.90 plus tax & 30% off bella bella is 127.40 + tax. I think that's pretty good for NEW stuff, not stuff some people sell on eBay that may be used hahaha.

    And, it's the first print...and since nowhere makes it anymore, hardly anywhere else sells it except eBay lol.
  6. that's not bad at all, how large is the andiamo?

    i know you love the bella's but they're not for me :smile:
  7. The Andiamo looked pretty big..I know nothing about big tokis, but at first I thought maybe it was a campeggio lolz..but I checked the tag lolz.
  8. ok, hehe. did you get the price?

    as i am a big bag person!

    thank you for your help btw!
  9. ooo.. original print..

    my bf just recently won an auction that he wasn't actually intending to win (he was expecting to lose!) lmao so YAY! it's mine!! :biggrin:!!!!! HAHAHAHA.
  10. peachxfuzz, i'm glad you're goin to get one either way lolz.

    socprof - i'm sorry :sad: i didnt manage to get the price...you can call and ask. Sorry!
  11. it's okay, it's 5 hr difference to hawaii right?

  12. About there for you...it's 6:45PM right now. They should still be open.
  13. thank you!
  14. Okays..let me know what happens :biggrin:
  15. JessakaMitz - Thanks for the info. I would rather buy it from the outlet then ebay. They have some on ebay but I don't know if they are real or not. Did they have their qees? Some of the ones they are selling on ebay are not showing their qees. Do you remember the price of the andiamo? I would love to get something in the original print and not be a fake.

    Thanks again