LeSportSac on sale at Macys

  1. Hi All, I was at Macys in Sacramento, CA today and they have the LesportSac Tokidoki prints on sale for 25% off PLUS an additional 30% off the sale price. Not sure if this is at all Macy's. :yes:
  2. I was there but there wasn't a sale down here :sad:
  3. ah! did they have the paradiso print? lol im driving back to school today (san diego...which is totally in the opposite direction) but im considering going...:p
  4. Which print and style did you get or see on sale??
  5. downtown or arden fair?
  6. I also saw some Tokidoki bags on sale at Bloomingdales in San Francisco - it was marked down about 25% with an additional 40%. They had 2 prints - the Citta Rose and the other one that looks just like it but in gray. they had lots of the Buon Viggio (sp?) and lots of messengers, and backpacks!
  7. Damn. None of the Macy's around here sells the TokiDoki ones. Just a lot of the regular ones in the most ugly prints.
  8. I am going to check out the Boca Raton Macy's tomorrow. I note that they have a few on-line. I will let you know.
  9. I saw this too! I was sad that the hip packs weren't on sale... :crybaby:
  10. ahh, ill have to check the site. thanks for letting us know :heart:
  11. there's tokidoki on sale right now at urbanoutfitters online. use SECRETSALE07 for additional 25% off. go through ****** and get 3% back. also, orders over $200 gets free standard shipping! i got 3 of them. they're cute and even better on sale!
  12. I live in Sacramento so thanx for the info.
  13. Galaxyg - do you think they still have som backpacks left? I tried calling Bloomies but I keep getting disconnected when they transfer me to handbags. Is this there only number (415) 856-5300?

  14. I have no idea - I don't live in the city and was only there on Saturday. They did have about 5-6 backpacks left. Keep on trying and tell the operator that you keep on getting disconnected. Ask to be specifically transfered to the LeSportsac area as there are multiple handbag depts. Good luck!
  15. Anybody know if they're still on sale...and if they have any left? I'm specifically looking for a gioco, zucca or bella in pretty much any print!