Lesportsac now got a special site?

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  1. #1 Jul 16, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2009
    I just got an email this morning

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  2. Thanks for posting! How many websites are they going to have for their past season prints? I thought that was the purpose of the Bags & Bags of Style website!

    I tried to register on "LeSportsac Specials" and it says my e-mail is already on file :confused1:
  3. I know. Now I am all confused!!! Bags and Bags got Toki and Special site got Stella.

    Stella's prices are good. Thinking of getting one. Or should I get another Toki? Tough choice!!!

    My guess is that LeSportsac.com and LeSportsacSpecials.com share the same mailing list.
  4. I bought a Stella Essential Day Bag in Sky off of eBay and I absolutely :heart: it! So much in fact, that I ordered the same bag in the Stone color on the regular LeSportsac website last weekend. It was 75% off- same price as it is now on "LeSportsac Specials".

    Were you thinking of getting a particular Tokidoki bag? The last 2 Tokidoki bags I bought were a Portafortuna Marina and Leo Melodia from the sample sale. I am pleasantly surprised with the Marina; I didn't think I would like it as much as I do and find myself using it quite often.

    I think you are probably right about the two websites sharing their mailing lists; although I haven't received any e-mails from LSS lately.
  5. I want to know how long it's going to take for them to get rid of those deer backpacks. i foolishly bought two when they were 75% off with free shipping. the straps are short, and the top kind of sticks out when you wear it. a bit too odd for me!!!! i see them showing up at loehmann's or tjmaxx for $9.99 some day......
  6. I just ordered 4 Lesportsac bags from the specials website today! FREE SHIPPING rocks!
  7. i totally agree. kate spade has free shipping, too. there are some amazing deals on that website too.
  8. I am thinking either...

    1) SERENA in MATITA.
    2) Canteen Bag in Moss
    3) Essential Day Bag (don't really like any of the color, maybe stone, is it dark grey? hard to tell)

    what do you think??? which one should i get??? it's birthday gift for myself! hahaha... a good excuse, right?:graucho:

  9. i wonder too! it's too 'fashionable' for me.

  10. does anyone know how much shipping is to canada from lesportsacspecials.com?
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    Last edited: Jul 17, 2009
    bunnyville: I'm sorry you were unhappy with the deer backpacks you ordered. I can definitely picture them eventually making their way to Loehmann's or TJ Maxx. But 75% and free shipping was a really good deal, I could see why that would be hard to pass up! :yes:

    divineparadise: We need details! What bags did you order? :drool:
  12. Happy Birthday to you! :Partyhat: Yes, I think you definitely need to treat yourself for your birthday!! :ghi5:

    1) I have a Leo Serena and the only complaint I have about it is when I put stuff in the interior pockets (iPhone, keys, etc.) the bag tends to fold inwards on itself because of the weight. So I end up not really using those interior side pockets unless I'm keeping something light in them like a pen or tissues. I like the red accents and piping on the Matita bags a lot.

    2) I don't think I've seen a Stella canteen bag in person (if I do I don't remember), but the Moss color looks so pretty in the pictures on the website.

    3) I'll let you know if the Stone color on the Essential Day Bag looks more brown or gray-toned. Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up tonight from UPS and examine it while there is still daylight.

    I guess I wasn't very helpful, was I? :lol:
  13. the stone color is kind of a brownish gray, with brown trim. it looks different in different light situations. i initially thought it was brown, but many ebay sellers label it 'gray'. the canteen bag is an odd shape, it's very square-ish. i'd go with the essential day bag instead, my favorite is the tote, but i think those are sold out. the stone color is very nice, neutral, and goes with everything. the trim is definitely brown.
  14. thank you both... but i think they are all gone now... :wtf:
  15. I agree with Bunnyville's description of the Stone, except that mine actually looks more like a charcoal grey, with brown trim, and a salmon-colored interior. It is gorgeous! :love: If you order anything in the Stone color, I don't think you will be disappointed as it is a really great, versatile neutral.

    Of course now I am kicking myself that I didn't pick up one of these in every color at the Stella LeSportsac sample sale last year :girlwhack:

    d1000 do you think the website is going to restock? Or will it be like Bags & Bags and be gone forever (or over on eBay) once it sells out?