LeSportsac Non-Toki Hawaii Print

  1. Hawaii Toki Lovers --

    Are any of you going to look at this new limited edition Hawaii print for LeSportsac this Saturday? It's hard to tell by the photo in the article how it will look on their bags but I think it's great that the print has spam musubi's and haupia floating in the sky.

    Truly original. :smile:

    Here's the article.
  2. it's already in stores... i think it's been out for about two weeks... i think it's cute, but some of the sayings may not make sense to people that don't live in hawaii.
  3. I think I saw it and just passed it by O__O dang, should have looked.
  4. read the article today want to see it in person at the store. if anyone goes can you give us a report? thanks!
  5. wow i never even heard of it. Guess I need to go and check it out!
  6. Whoa... I'm definitely not a fan. :push:
  7. i 2nd that!
  8. I want some spam musubi now....
  9. mmm spaaaam... I'm hungry
  10. Oh, I love spam musubis! One of the interns at work is Hawaiian and he brings them when we go rock climbing... the perfect snack...
  11. I'm going to Ala Moana tomorrow...so I guess I will give it a better look over lolz. Probably won't be interested becuase for some reason I do not like anything that has to do with "Hawaii" on my stuff...but I am sure tourists will like it eh? Maybe.
  12. i was planning on going to check it out today. i kinda want to look at that print out in person, just to see all the little details.
  13. I went today and it's NOT for me. Plus, the artist was there today and there was a small little line...nowhere near as big as the tokidoki lines lol but at least some people like it ^__^
  14. does anyone have a close-up picture of the design? i'm from hawaii, but i'm on the mainland for college right now and i haven't seen it yet..=/
  15. I saw it but the print is way too busy for me. I know Tokidoki is busy but it's more on the cutesy side.