LeSportsac NEW style ~ or should I say old styles are back

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  1. #1 Feb 6, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2010

    remember the tribeca tote???
    it's back with 3 sizes!!! and now call EveryGirl Tote
    small - http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7470_5205.html
    regular - http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7891_5205.html
    deluxe - http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7892_5205.html

    remember the diane?
    a smaller (look smaller in the picture to me)version came back with a new name (correct me if there's any old style that look similar to this than the diane)
    sidney overnighter - http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7857_5205.html

    the new passerby handbag reminds me of the piper, just that the piper is more rectangular but this one is more square... i like it though... but got to see in person first.

    cleo crossbody,doesn't excite me

    and in terms of backpacks, 3 new styles
    mini basic ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7418_5205.html
    day trip rucksack ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7417_5205.html
    voyager ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7417_5205.html

    also, a new yoga bag (yoga mat bag to be exact)

    ok... now to the new prints that excite me....

    remember fi fi lapin????
    vaudeville ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/external/color.html#4007

    peace ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/external/color.html#3006

    gray pin dot ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/external/color.html#3005

    3 new patent colors ~ not all styles are available in these colors
    pink ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/external/color.html#3005
    tan ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/external/color.html#6855
    orange ~ http://www.lesportsac.com/external/color.html#9650

    i love green, so i love this kiwi solid

    now for the erika style, there are some exclusive color combination (bag in one color, and strap in another other) ~ not for me...
  2. Wow, I had no idea that LSS was bringing back all of these old styles :nuts: I wonder if people have been complaining and they finally listened to their customers.

    Although I would have absolutely nothing to match it with, I find myself :heart: the new pink patent. I think I may have to take a trip to the LeSportsac SoHo store next week to see it in person :graucho:
  3. Oh, I really like the peace print - I might need some new travel size bags...