Lesportsac New Artist in Residence - Katharina Leuzinger

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  1. Just an update, the new AIR is up! :biggrin:


    This season's print is all about houses, boat house, tree house and city house. There are also new bag styles such as clubhouse pouch, play case cosmetic, mini scout messengers, hobo, and duffle bags. More bag choices than the previous AIR collection.
  2. I just saw the new AIR prints this morning and while I'm not too crazy about the print, I absolutely love the new hobo-style bag.

  3. Nod, noticed that BUT I must say, I prefer the sweet color combination from the AIR "Dress Up" print. The new Vaudeville print seem to be less appealing to me as it looks more dull? Haha perhaps, I only like FIFI Lapin in her very fashionable drapes. The good thing about the new bunny print is the inclusion of her best friend, Ruby Gatta if you happen to like her too.
  4. Notice ebags has a different AIR print from lesportsac.com but still I don't see the Tree House.
  5. I'm still considering the AIR Girl Talk Hobo in Snackville. Has anyone taken the plunge and purchased this style?
  6. i just got the scout about messenger in snackville. i totally love it. the print is great, the bag is just the right size. i like it better than the hobo, you can wear it on your shoulder or cross-body, and it falls nicely either way. i'm not as excited about the shape of the hobo, but that's just me!

    both styles are nice, and the print is totally adorable, so you can't go wrong!
  7. Bunnyville I have to admit that your raving about the colors in the snackville print in one of the other threads is what is pushing me towards it! :P

    I love all the pockets that the hobo has- I definitely need exterior pockets on my bags. I think that's why I'm so enamored with it right now.