Lesportsac Joey wallet

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  1. Does anyone own this style of wallet? It is a checkbook style wallet. I need a lightweight wallet for my dolce. The denaro is too small for me.

    It says it has a velcro closure for change in the description. I guess I'm concerned about my cards or change falling out of the wallet.

    Is it a decent wallet?
  2. Did you see the new Daphne wallet? That one zips all the way around so your change won't fall out, and there's a wrist strap on it as well. It might be one to consider if you're concerned about the security of the contents.
  3. Thanks, Panda. I did see that one and was trying to decide between the two. The Daphne is a bit more expensive though but I do like the design of that one better. I'm just not crazy about the prints. I really wanted something in the Fafi print and a wallet would have been perfect but it has to be functional too.
  4. I always wish that they made a tokidoki checkbook size wallet that zips all the way around. :cursing::cursing:
  5. Gah, oh my god I wish. I would almost die for a toki checkbook wallet.