1. I just wanted to let you guys know that the LeSportSac Factory Store in Southampton has Paradiso, Inferno and Fumo at 25% off the retail price! I know they are more than willing to help with print placements too.

    Also, they have Camo Playground Black and Camo Playground Olive at 50% off the retail price. I know they only have Playground BellaBella's left though. Also, 50% off the retail price.
    I know you can e-mail them to help you. Shampton@LeSportsac.com

    Hope its a help!:heart:
  2. Thanks! I just got myself a Bella in Fumo!
  3. Thanks for posting. I got myself the last Bella Bella Playground. will post pic once I receive it ! Joy said they found it in one of the boxes being the last one in the store.
  4. That's strange...supposedly they ran out of those a couple of weeks ago (it was shortly after I bought a pgd. bella bella and then I think Tokijen wanted one but they were all gone?) And then they have more again today? Maybe they just don't know what they have back in the stockroom and sometimes don't bother to know until they decide to open some boxes? I wonder if they really have some forestas or cittas stuffed in there somewhere too????
  5. That was what I thought. I missed out on the Playground tan bella bella a couple of weeks a go and was soo trilled that I got the last one today from reading this thread. I hope the print placement is good ..ohh,.what if i got one with all legs ?? no face? hmm....
  6. did you ask them? there are LOTS of cute characters at the bottom of those legs though!:yes: Honestly I think my favorite prints seem to be the ones w/out the girls....the paradiso/inferno/foresta/adios/lamore
  7. My bella bella is still on the side...i wonder when they'll call me back...lesportsac said they'll replace my order but they need the UPS check to clear first...I hope everything go smooth and i get what I want....
  8. Well since you order got screwed up seems they'd call you back soon wouldn't they? Hopefully they're giving you priority and good customer service:yes:
  9. me too... but i can't help being nervous after what happened.
    I'm so jealous of everyone's amore bags...I'm going to wait for a deal. i'm spending too much to buy anything full retail.
  10. Azalea.com has some amore bags I think and if you use the code "styleforum10" you get 10% off. They also have free shipping and probably no tax to NY. They don't have on website though....email them and ask and if they have what you want you order it over the phone. At least that would be about 15% savings if you don't pay tax? And it would get delivered to your door. (If the UPS man doesn't screw up again!!!!!!)
  11. Hm...I'm going to hold off, until i get my cc bill this cycle..
    Thanks for the code though! idk that one.

    I'm scared of eBay but I want to try what robotkitten did...and see how thing will turn out... I haven't spent more than 120$ on any of my bags and I don't want to start, because then I get comfortable with spending that much. I don't feel the pain of spending when my cc bil comes and when I buy the item...afterwards, if I like it..i don't care.
    I also smack myself for spending alot years later when I don't like/use some of my stuff...like the tons of Sanrio/jap/korean cute stuff that just sits here in my room that I have no more space for or the polo bags I bought but haven't touched in years and some clothes I've only worn 1-3 times in a few years....stuff like that
  12. I hear you exactly! That's why I'm seriously going to try to start selling my stuff on eBay! I like Ebay for lots of things but I don't like to bid on stuff. But I figure why not get some $$ out of all the stuff I wasted my $$ on over the years? Its like the ultimate garage sale! We'll see how it goes....
  13. That's how I see it too! my family members are all shopaholics/pack rats...we keep EVERYTHING for a looong time. I've sold a few tees online, but I'm always scared for chargeback scam artists, or people losing packages/lying/leaving poor feedback for stupid things like shipping period/customs fees etc

    Someone tried that on me and i did tons of research on it and decided to report the user. Some ppl from Russia hack into member accounts and requests sellers to perform favors for them for a lot more money!
    Someone was thinking of giving me ~$150 for a vintage travel clock-plastic shell to have it wrapped and sent to an unconfirmed address in russia-for a baby-welcoming present and wanted me to wire money to her via western union without that person knowing, so it'd be a surprise. They would paypal me $1200 first...I was like yeah right. they had a sketchy email domain too

    i was really worried that time
  14. Sounds like its just important to use your smarts! Some people will try anything if they think someone is dumb enough or naive enough to do it! It is a little intimidating though....
  15. It is.. I was freaking out that something else would happen to me at that time...like my accounts being hacked into. This was a big thing that made it onto the news once.