Lesportsac in Hong Kong?

  1. Hi!
    Unless I'm mistaken, the lesportsac store locator webpage is under construction. I'm going to be in Hong Kong in May. I was thinking of getting Spiaggia in Hong Kong. I understand that there are 5(?) lesportsac stores in Hong Kong. I know it's more expensive in Hong Kong, but I live in Canada so tokidoki is overpriced anyways. Makes no difference.

    Do any of you lovely ladies know the address and phone numbers?

    I'm sorry if there's a question like this...
  2. I believe its like 100 dollars overpriced in asia! Like if a ciao is 120 here, its 220 there!
  3. I heard something like that too...and that some bags are ~$300
  4. I'll ask my sister when she gets back if the store locator doesn't work by then.

    I bet you can ask around while you're there as well.
    This is what I found on google for now:


    I don't think it's a 100$ more, atleast in Bangkok, it's something like 40-50$, but maybe Hong Kong is different. :shrugs:
  5. My boyfriend is in China with his family right now.. they'll be in Hong Kong in May too! I could ask him to check but by then, I think you'll already be there.

    Its probably best to keep asking around and searching for them.

    If converting US$ to Hong Kong$, isnt it cheaper for us(US)?!

    :idea: Hmm.. maybe I can ask the bf to get me a bag.. or two..
  6. No, it's 30-40$ more in US dollars (or more?).
    My sister wanted to get a cucciolo in Bangkok, and it was 220USD after a 10-20% discount, so that's about 40$ more than the price at lesportsac US.
  7. It's not $100 more for the tokidoki there just a little bit more but when you think about it, amounts to the same price on the lesportsac website for tokis with shipping and tax included... I have purchased my stellinas from there and they cost something like HK$1150. I just called lesportsac ocean centre and causeway bay and bv's are HK$1440, caramellas for HK$620, portatelefonos for HK$750, and treninos for HK$2680.

    Causewaybay in Timesquare 852.25062928

    Ocean Centre LeSportsac Shop
    Shop 253, Ocean Centre, t.s.t
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    tel: 852.2312.7955

    Pacific Place LeSportsac Shop
    Shop 137, Two Pacific Place
    Queensway, Hong Kong
    tel: 852.2918.0051

    Landmark LeSportsac Shop
    The Landmark
    Shop B61
    Central, Hong Kong
    tel: 852.2973.6861

    Hope this helps! :smile:

  8. Compared to the States, the prices are more expensive.
    Not to Canada though. I bought my Pirata Gioco for $226 (Tax included). I could have bought it online for a cheaper price, but I don't want to buy a bag w/o seeing it IRL.

    I'm leaving on May 2nd, returning May 26th.

    papillon216: Thanks! :heart: The BVs in Canada (Vancouver) costs $200! Plus the tax (13%), the total comes to CAD 226. I converted the HKD to CAD and the bags in Hong Kong are cheaper by ~$5-10. Not bad not bad! I thought the Ocean Center is called the Habour City instead? :confused1:

    Are the release dates in Hong Kong the same or later in Hong Kong?

    Do they still have older prints in the stores?

    I love you guys for being so helpful. :love:
  9. Aren't we all great! haha! We're very supportive of our addictions!:supacool: :yes: :woohoo: :drinks:
  10. heh, canada is just a lil more expensive than hawaii..like around $20 more lol.
  11. Hmm... idk that, I was just quoting what one seller in an auction said a long time ago....
  12. LOL aww darn :p

    But since its cheaper for Canada people, then thats awesome Goink! :biggrin:
  13. My Dad got me a Inferno Mamma Mia for $1160 HKD, which equals to $148.00 USD.

    He bought it at the Duty Free shopping center.
  14. ^That's right, I forgot to mention that dutyfree shops are everywhere too :yes:
    Not sure about the release dates on tokis though. But I got my older prints from HK like the foresta, citta, and citta rosa. There's no tax anywhere in HK!
    Yes, Ocean Centre is located in Harbour City, it's the same place.
  15. Yay for no tax.
    I guess I'll call the shops to ask when Spiaggia is coming out.
    Are the print names in English or do they have them in Chinese?

    papillon216: are you from Hong Kong? I'm going back to get my adult citizenship card.