Lesportsac in Beverly Hills

  1. So I stopped by to check out what they have and asked about whether they will get another shipment in on Lamore, and the SA pulled up the list and said that they would only be able to reorder canguro,porta and nouvla. Everything else is sold out. Since I had asked about the denaro, the SA PRACTICALLY Told me the only place I should try is evil eBay. haha...I cant believe he would tell me that. so funny!!

    So, our luck in finding lamore print bags in the future is quite slim as it would become scarce in the future. Grab whatever you can from Macys now.
  2. The last time I went to Ala Moana they still had a bunch of Amore print... but obviously it's at Hawaii retail.
  3. When were you there?
  4. I was there on Monday