Lesportsac Hawaii: Best SAs

  1. Who are the best SAs at the Hawaii Lesportsac stores? I already mentioned that my favorite SA at the Waikele outlet is the youngest girl because she gives excellent customer service and knows so much about the merchandise. Who usually helps you girls? What about the Ala Moana store? Who would you recommend?
  2. idk...in waikele I think that older japanese woman is the best, I think they said her name is Nancy...I don't remember.
  3. For Waikele: Nancy, the cute Japanese woman with long wavy hair (her husband was born on one of the other military bases in Japan, besides Yokota where I was born), the young girl with dark, thick eyeliner who loves LV, Gucci, etc.

    For Ala Moana: The Filipino guy (Rick?) and the older Japanese ladies are helpful and friendly.

    I don't know about customer service at the other LeSportsac's since I've been to the other ones once to browse and that's it.

    I also really don't pay much attention to SA's unless I need something because I don't like to be bothered when I'm shopping. But having been an SA for years and years, I definitely notice when I get great customer service and horrible customer service and am one of those that will call or write letters to corporate for either type of service.
  4. Oh yeah. Of course Nancy and Rick would be the best. Nancy is the Waikele manager and Rick is the Ala Moana manager :yes: haha. I meant other people besides the managers, but thanks.
  5. I've ordered from Waikele over the phone and have nothing but GREAT things to say about Nancy. :smile: I think she's the manager there too.

    There's a guy who works at the same store that I REALLY disliked talking to because he always seemed so annoyed and short with me. He's also a culprit of a pet peeve of mine which is when people in retail say "HUH??" instead of "Pardon?" I was in retail for years and I NEVER said "What?" or "HUH?" to a customer. :p
  6. Gizelle from Ala Moana :tup:
  7. ^ The guy is cool with me, but I know what you mean. I notice things about the way SAs and other people in customer service positions speak :yes: That's why I like the young girl. She's always professional with me and knows her products better than other SAs at Waikele.
  8. Yah I like Rick from Ala Moana. He is very professional and knows his products. When I had a exchange (my hubby bought me a bv, but i wanted a gioco) he didn't give me a hard time even if i couldn't find my receipt. No question ask...just help me with no hesitation. RICK is the BEST!

    as for waikele. i'm not to sure. it's an older lady...very cute, you has a little accent, and she is very patient with me, even if i ask her to pull out all the bags so i can look at all the character placements.

    thank goodness for nice SA!
  9. You're talking about the tall, big guy right? That's the only guy I've seen work at the Waikele location... I don't like him either but for different reasons. He acted snooty when he found out I knew more about the future tokidoki prints than he did.
  10. Pretty much all of the ladies & Rick at the Ala Moana store are really nice and would help you if you need it.. but I havent bought a lot from them so I dont know any EXCEPTIONALLY great SAs. I know that Gizelle (I finally know her name! hehe thanks Heather!) and Rick are super cool.. I chatted with them a couple of times before. They were the ones that told me about the upcoming (now out) Adios qee!.. which I made a thread about a couple of months back.. blah blah.. hehe

    As for Waikele.. The Japanese lady there is really nice (you guys say her name is Nancy? I dont think I ever caught it LOL) But the GUY that works there PISSES ME OFF and everytime I see him working there.. I wish he wasnt :cursing: I dont want to sound mean by saying that but he is rather rude and talks too much IMO. I asked him to PLEASE show me ALL of the OP bella bellas so I can choose one (this was when I bought one for Kim) and he did this "I dont want to do that/Are you kidding me?!" sigh! Then he brought out only 5 bags and I asked him again if there were any more in the back (just in case) and what do you know, he didnt bring them all out in the first place! He brought out at least 5 more! Another time I was just browsing and I asked him if he knew about the future prints and he was all smirking and told me in a bragging tone that there were 4 prints left and when they are expected to be released. IDK but he just IRRITATES me!!

    And finallyyy~ The LeSportsac in Waikiki.. the one on Kalakaua NOT in a plaza of some sort.. they're really nice there.. but its pretty empty most of the time so it *seems* like they're watching you intently but they're really not.. its just that you're almost always pretty much the only one in there :push: But its not as bad as walking into a Morning Glory store with them STARING at you. (Thank goodness!)
  11. Yikes. I actually never saw the guy in the Waikele outlet..hmm weird. Yeah, idk if that's the right name...Nancy, but the older japanese lady is the one i like.
  12. Yeah. The guy does seem irritated with the customers sometimes. Nancy is great, but then again, she is the MANAGER. She should be...hehe :yes: right? Yeah though. I like the young girl. Let her help you, and you will see that she is the best (besides the manager). However, the young girl told me she only works part time because she is a full time student. She's super cool and really nice. My friends think she's great too.
  13. I've only visited the Waikele store and Nancy was always very helpful and brought out more bags to look at if I couldn't find the placement that I was looking for. As for the male ~ I posted in another thread how I had called about 5 minutes to closing when he answered the phone and told me that "we only have the black one left". We later found out it was a blatant lie and in the meantime, many of us were upset and disappointed. He definitely is due for a reprimand. I know the employment rate is low in Hawaii, but that does not mean that we, as customers, should tolerate any form of abuse!
  14. ^ ITA. Customers should never be treated like that. Maybe you should say something to Nancy, the manager. I stopped by the store today and found out that the name of the SA I really like is Tiffany. You should ask to speak to her next time if you have questions about stock. I always ask her :yes:
  15. waikele: i've only been there once for tokis but the really big guy was helpful to me. he pulled out all the OP bellas they had and i took like an hour going over them and he didn't seem to mind at all. weird. he did seem a little like a know-it-all but i didn't mind it because he wasn't irritated that it took me FOREVER to choose my OP bella. i agree with everyone else, the older japanese lady is really nice!!!

    ala mo: today a cute girl (i think her name was tomo?) assisted me and was very helpful. she brought out some bags, then 3 more, then when i told her why i didn't like the one i had in my hand (because the headless star boob girl right in the middle of the front of the MM but there were other good characters in the front and back of the bag), she went into the back and looked for more. she rocks! :smile:)

    waikiki (royal hawaiian): i don't like a girl who works there at night. bad customer service and i think she's a manager/ass't manager! =P

    waikiki (accross the street from royal hawaiian): there's a really nice older man that works there and was helpful to me.