LeSportsac Factory Stores - Tutti/Trasporto/Famiglia?

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  1. Hey ladies,

    I was wondering if you guys know anything about LeSportsac outlet to carry Tutti, Trasporto, Famiglia in the future?

    Right now what's in stock is 65% off until inventory runs out. Do you think Tutti, Trasporto, and Famiglia will be 40% when it gets there?

    Any information would help, thanks! :smile:
  2. I sent them an email about Tutti this morning. I will post if I find out anything.
  3. Great!

    Thanks so much. I love Tutti! And I would love to get something in Trasporto or Famiglia for under retail.
  4. So much of Trasporto and Tutti sold out at the website during the 25% off sale so don't be surprised if it's like it was with Spiaggia where they only got a few bags in.

    I'm not sure about Famiglia since that was only carried in Dept stores and not on the LeSportsac website at all.
  5. I see Famiglia appearing at Filene's and Loehmann's in the not-so-distant future. Well, I hope so, anyway.
  6. Yeah, I agree Famiglia will probably show up at those kinds of discount stores rather than the LeSportsac outlets themselves. I wasn't so crazy about Famiglia, so I only bought a Bocce, so at least I am not feeling inclined to seek more out (thank goodness!)
  7. I think Famiglia is kind of cute. Since I don't think a lot of Toki fans share my opinion, I'm looking forward to Fam hitting the discount chains and having it all to myself!
  8. Hahah, me toooo. I think it's cute. It'll match some of my shoes and outfits better too.
  9. I like Famiglia too. :yes: I would love a Famiglia Denaro, but Deanros don't usuallymake it to the discount stores.
  10. For some reason I think Famiglia would be cute on a Zucca. A Denaro would be great, but getting good placement might be a challenge. Also, FYI, i've had luck finding Denaros at Filene's and Loehmann's, but they were isolated incidents...I haven't found anything lately.
  11. I would ask at any discount store that sells Tokidoki items if they have any of the small items, like Denaros, stored away somewhere but available for sale. I have never seen Tokis at any stores but Macy's, Nordstrom, and the official Le Sportsac Outlet, but I know they all oftentimes put the small items away to prevent theft. If you ask at the Outlet here, they bring out a big bin full of Denaros, Caramellas, and Portas. Might be worth a try...
  12. I have one and IT IS! :tup:
  13. Yeah, I read that and was really bummed about it. It's also on the Tokidoki blog. :sad: