Lesportsac Drew Backpack: Cute or Carpy?

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  1. So, I saw the backpack, and I was all like "I HAVE to get that". But i'm not allowed to get it unless i'm gonna use it. So is it something that could hold a large binder, 3 notebooks, gym clothes, and a lunchbox?

    Is it cute:tup: or carpy:tdown:?
  2. you didn't show a picture
  3. I'm not really a fan of any of the LSS backpacks, classic or toki. If I were you, I'd get a messenger-style bag to carry all your stuff. If you like the Classic line, I'd go for a Courier: http://www.lesportsac.com/store/7838_5205.html. I think this could probably hold all but the lunchbox.
  4. I like the style of the backpack. I think it would hold your things 18 x 13 inches is a pretty good size. I love it the downprint!
  5. I'm 'I luv Tokidoki's' mom. While I love Lesportsac bags (i carry them all the time and have tons of extras), i think the backpacks are a bit 'lightweight'--in that, unlike jansport or other more heavy duty backpacks, the materials are just not made for carrying a heavy load day in, day out. i also think the straps are not padded all that much, which would make a heavy load seem that much heavier.

    I suspect that the Drew is similar in size to the Tokidoki scuola, and i read on the laptop thread that it doesn't hold all that much. i think these bags are more fashionable than functional--cute but not really for heavy use.

    i like the idea of a messenger style bag a bit better. i guess we'll just get a cute lesportsac bag and carry it with the backpack. I think we'll wait until the newer spring prints come out and then see what is available.

    thanks for all the opinions and suggestions!
  6. Hi, just wanted to give my input- I ordered this bag last October and though it's roomy and I love the style it's not particularly comfortable or well made. I'm actually shipping mine back for repairs because the shoulder straps are pulling away from the body of the bag towards the bottom :tdown:
  7. I had the toki scuola and it would not hold up to any of my college school books, plus it was a pain getting in and out with the drawstring. I personally think a tote bag or messenger, but you can never go wrong with a jansport classic backpack!
  8. it's cute, but don't put stuff that's too heavy.
  9. i think that they're just not designed or constructed to take the sort of daily abuse that student's bookbags are subjected to. they're a fashion item, not as tough as a Jansport of other more utilitarian backpack.
  10. i beg to differ. i like the style... the prints are just too blah...
  11. I was going to post the same thing. I don't think they can take the abuse of heavy textbooks, etc.
  12. I'd go with a Suzette (7546). I love mine :smile:
  13. I have to agree with hansyu.