LeSportsac Discussion?

  1. does anyone in this forum ever discuss lesportsac? all i see is tokidoki. :p

    you all have to remember that toki won't be around forever.....what happens when it's gone? will this forum become obsolete? or will we finally see some lesportsac discussion? ;)

    nonetheless, i used to really love lesportsac ...had a huge collection...but eventually got over it [moved onto "better" bags...ie:leather, etc]...sold most of them... but i still like lesportsac for travel. they do a good durable & inexpensive duffle [also love the garment covers]. i really like that you can fold them up and toss them into your carryon or whatever to fill with any purchases you make on your trip.
  2. Actually, once in a great while someone will talk about a different lesportsac bag. I've seen people talk about fafi, that hawaii panda print, some kind of floral bag, and a tattoo print and some other stuff...but yeah not too much about other bags.

    But, the forum is TOKIDOKI & Lesportsac..and Tokidoki will be around after Lesportsac...so we might still have stuff to talk about that isn't just handbags.

    I honestly hate lesportsac other than Tokidoki for Lesportsac so if it comes to just Lesportsac after this year, I probably won't be around.
  3. Yeah, I hate regular LeSportsac bags too. Just ugly. It's only been the Tokidoki collaberation that has had me buying anything LeSportsac.:rolleyes:
  4. the prints recently have been really unappealing. the only time they seem to do something i want, it ends up being "japan only" :rolleyes:.... what's the point in that? [i do understand that japan is their #1 clientele, but honestly!]

    i really really like the collab they did with fafi, though. i definitely need a duffle/garment cover at least.

  5. I remember one print I did really like years ago I think was called Sherbet. It was pink with ice cream cones stitched onto the fabric. I actually still have a small cosmetic case with that print, but you're right that anything else lately has been ugly.
  6. I was interested in Lesportsac when it was L.A.M.B. for lesportsac.. but other than that, nothing really :p
  7. I have a Fafi hobo bag...I luv:heart: it. Verrrry cute:tup:!
  8. they have a few cute prints coming out soon... the only one i think i'd really buy something of is japan only, of course :rolleyes: :lol:

    [​IMG] "arcade" [this is it] -- aug 29

    [​IMG] "fantasy" -- aug 29

    [​IMG] "bunnyville" -- sep 19

    maybe i will get a duffle in bunnyville.... ^_^ .... :ninja:
  9. Awww! I like the bunnies.
  10. I like the bunnies too! I'm the same with regular Lesportsac, it never does anything for me.

    Plus, isn't Stella McCartney collaborating with them at some point? I'm interested to see that.
  11. I like that there are so many options on the prints. LeSportSac bags are so lightweight, and really good for rainy days and as gym bags.
  12. Hi brian =)
    To be honest with you, I am not a big fan of non-Tokidoki LeSportSac. My mom adores LeSportSac, thus anything my mom uses isn't kewl :p. So when Tokidoki for LeSportSac came out, I had a very hard time getting over the fact that I was actually purchasing a LeSportSac. I am hopelessly addicted to Tokidoki-Lesportsac.... When Tokidoki withdraws from Lesportsac, I probably won't buy anymore LeSportSac anything..

    I think the Panda edition to LeSportSac is cute though =) And I hope this forum doesn't become obsolete, that would be sad.
  13. i like non-tokidoki lesportsac bags as well. I agree with brian that the prints that come out in Asia are MUCH MUCH MUCH better looking that those released in the US. My first lesportsac bags were from when i went to South Korea. If you look at the japan lesportsac site... there are so many cute designs. I like how they are lightweight :smile:
  14. I like the "Ink" print that just came out. (the tattoo one) I'm contemplating a bag in that. It's the "Kiki" style I think? It's a fold over bag. I have a couple of Lesportsac backpacks that I used to use before Tokidoki.
  15. the pics on lesportsac's website need to be updated so badly. they do no justice to how the bags look in real life at all!

    i'm starting to warm up to the gigi print.....it reminds me of leonard. i think i love it. :ninja: