1. Anyone know when the LeSportsac.com site might be updated? I had heard the Stella McCartney stuff was launching Jan 25 (might be wrong). I thought they might update the site today. The Vacanze stuff (basically all sold out) is still up.
    I will miss Tokidoki...I might need a bunny bag to help ease the pain :graucho:
  2. i wonder the same thing. northstrom.com is selling a print (love bloom) that lesportsac.com doesn't have.
  3. Lesportsac put up some regular new prints today but not the Stella line yet.
  4. what do you think of all the new styles? i got to see them in person... so far, nothing gives me the 'i gotta get it' feeling...
  5. I'm not digging any of the new prints. The only one that I still want to get is the downtown print. I noticed they added some new style of bags. I just wish they had better prints.
  6. i don't like any of the new prints too.