Lesportsac.com has vacanze

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  1. Lesportsac.com now has vacanze and the luckybreaks6 code worked! I ordered a denaro and porta.

    I now wish I had held out and waited to get my zucca. Oh well! :girlsigh:
  2. wow... thanks for letting us know!
  3. YAY! I got my Avventura in Vacanze! And the extra 25% was the icing on the cake!

    SO excited for it to get here! :smile:
  4. ARGH, I just won a campeggio yesterday on ebay for 145, but this coupon makes it cheaper..I'll order 2 & hope I can get my penguins at the bottom on the backside. They are all showing up like halfway up the bag...I'll cross my fingers, if not well then I'm out shipping..it happens..
  5. omg that's amazing!! i got a denaro~~ the first one i've ever gotten under retail!! thank yooouuuu:heart::heart::heart: :yahoo:
  6. GAAAAAAAAAAAHhhh so what's the code??????? can someone pm it to me?

    duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see it now!!
  7. luckybreaks6
  8. Ordered a bambino, dolce, and denaro...ahhh hoping for good print placement..
  9. I just ordered a Ciao. I can't believe the code worked for Vacanze. I bet they "fix" that really soon! I hope my placement turns out ok!
  10. I just called Lesportsac store in Las Vegas and the woman who answered the phone told me that Vacanze bags do not accept the luckybreak6 code, so whoever ordered the bags using the code on the web site, when the company processes the order, the code will be denied, the woman said, so you will not get any discount… Is that true? I tried to order my bags on their website, and the screen shows that the total price is 25%off of original price. I’m confused, but I’m guessing the woman is right. I don’t think that Lesportsac will accept 25% off for their new Vacanze print. What do you think?
  11. Darnit I wish I knew of this sooner because this morning I ordered 6 Vacanze Campeggios to see if I find one with amazing placement. Then again its a lot easier to return them to a Nordstrom store then Lesportsac... anyhow congrats to the people who ordered... :yes:
  12. If this ends up happening, then I will cancel my order totally, and never purchase anything from their website again in the future. :tdown:
  13. honestly if that was true it would totally suck. however i dont think they can charge you full price + shipping without telling you in advance because they would be in a way tricking you... so either they will just cancel the orders by themselves (if this really is true) or contact you to see if you want to pay full price for it :/
  14. The GirlGotSoul i agree with you totally, it processed my order with the code so they should honor it!!
  15. This coupon code is only good for the website. It specifically says that in the magazine. Log onto lesportsac.com for 25% off everything. The coupon should be good til Dec. 3rd.

    It does not apply to lesportsac stores.