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  1. Hope this gets used. 20% off LeSportsac items. I believe this includes the new tokidoki line Expires April 30th. "shopetc" is the code.
  2. I don't see anywhere where it asks for a code
  3. Do you mean is expires May 30?
  4. :cry::cry:OH MAN!!! i Just got this SHOP mag in the mail (where I got the code from) and its for the April Issue. Sorry gals! The mag got to me too late and the coupon has expired.
  5. awww...that's too bad I was hoping to get something from the tokidoki line:sad: . oh well if anyone else finds a coupon code please post!:yes:
  6. thanks for trying

    I didn't even realize that it said April
  7. Don't worry about it. =) Thanks for sharing anyway. =)
  8. Yes thanks for sharing!
  9. thanks for the code!
  10. you mean tokidoki is actually in stock online? that's a first!! i gotta go check it out!
  11. does anyone have one yet!? :flowers:
  12. :P
  13. does anyone have a valid lesportsac code now?? plsss... pretty plssss....
  14. please someone post a code! are codes given out in certain magazines like lucky?
  15. Not quite a code but they have a free shipping deal on their website now.
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