Lesportsac Classic JuneBug Print

  1. Hello -

    I'm looking for a couple different pieces (Checkbook wallet & Deluxe Travel Mate/Case) in the Junebug print....I don't know if they are even available...I have never given much thought to the Lesportsac line....my sister in law (is a tokido fanatic) took me to the Lesportsac store while we were in Vegas on vacation & I fell in love now I'm hooked. :girlsigh::back2topic:
    I would also consider another/print of color as long as it matched really close. Any help or suggestions on how to find these pieces would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  2. I don't know much about non-tokidoki LeSportsac, but some people on eBay & eBay stores are selling bags in that print. Hope that helps!
  3. Oh I've seen that print in macy's ... it's way cute :tup:
    but I've only seen it in like a messenger bag style and in a cosmetic case style ... not as a checkbook or travel mate .. sorry!! But I do know that macy's carries that print.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I actually have (eBay buys)the Deluxe Everday bag, Large Weekender and large cosmetic bags in this print; was hoping to find matching checkbook wallet & Deluxe Travel Mate. :sad:
  5. I haven't been able to find a LeSportsac checkbook wallet lately. I got one in a print from maybe a year ago and really liked the wallet and looked on lesportsac.com to see what prints they have it in now and it looks like the checkbook style wallet is gone :sad:
  6. i am soooo mad that they discontinued the checkbook wallet style!!! i have been using mine for over 5 years and it's still like new!!! the new style is just not nice....

    checkbook wallet and travel mate are hard to find on eBay. even if there are, they are in old print. oh.. i saw travel mate last month at nordstorm rack.
  7. they have it at the outlet in waikele hawaii i believe.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I decided to hold out on getting a checkbook wallet since the fafi one sold out and see what prints would be offered for fall before buying one. Only to find out they discontinued it. It just doesn't make sense! :cursing:
  9. I saw just the regular Lesportsac line at the manulife centre store in Toronto and they have tokis too!!!
  10. I saw that print at Loehmanns, but no wallet.
  11. I saw the bags at Waikele a while ago. I THINK they don't have them anymore, but they still have the accessories. You can try calling them to double check.
  12. We don't get the checkbook wallet style in hawaii though...
  13. That print is so cute! I might get the 3-zip cosmetic bag in that print.