LeSportsac Classic Collection SECRET Sale

  1. Ok... Got to share this... Some of the LeSportsac Classic Collection (some last season prints ONLY) are MARKED DOWN. Some are 25% off and Livvy is 75% off!!! Of course the 25% coupon doesn't work.

    I am off to order my bags!!! YEAH!!!
  2. Is this sale online? If so, can you post the link?
  3. It is online. You don't need a special link. Just go to the LeSportsac website. 25% off prints are birdie, moondance, smoke python and flower box.

    i just got a moondance livvy for $20 instead of $80!

    i checked all the style, only the Livvy in the 4 prints above are 75% off.
  4. thank you for the heads up!
  5. Thanks for the link!
  6. i just got two livvy's... in flower box and birdie! i'm so happy because Hawaii didn't bring in both of these prints!
  7. now i am thinking that i should have gotten a livvy in birdie too...... hmm... maybe i should place another order... do you think i can call in tomorrow morning to add one?
  8. possibly, it's just such a great deal that i couldn't pass up...
  9. hopefully they'll still have a birdie tomorrow morning though... people might be buying all the livvy's up!
  10. Thanks, I just got a Livvy in moondance!
  11. Thanks for the heads-up!

    Also other prints on 25% sale are Meadow (various brown/blue/pink flowers on beige background w/beige straps), Freckles (gray dots on brown background w/gray straps), and Cornucopia (mostly plum/pink fruits on brown background w/brown straps).
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I got a livvy in "smoke python" along with a josie in "silouette symphony" and a travel tote in "rex".
  13. Dang, that sale didn't last long I just checked the site for the livvy and it is marked at retail again.
  14. wow thanks for the tip!
    better go check it out!
  15. when i saw the livvy price last night, i thought they made a mistake. maybe it really was a mistake.... :confused1: