Lesportsac Boutiques not carrying Toki?

  1. I was thinking that i wanted to go and pcik out my own trasporto portatelefono. I called the madison ave. store to see if they got their shipment in yet and that i would stop in tomrrow on my lunch hour.

    well, when i called the sales assoc said that the boutiques were not carrying the new prints and that they could only be purchased online.

    does anyone know if this is true?

    Also, how long has the boutique listing been missing stores? i wanted to call one of the waikiki stores to see if they had any transportos in caramella. My bro has offered to pick one up for me.

  2. I heard a few weeks ago from the Soho store that they would not be carrying the Tokidoki bags, because "the line is being discontinued". I pointed out to her that LeSportsac is actually making 2 more prints, but she just reiterated that the retail stores don't carry discontinued lines, and the bags would only be available online. I mean, what's such a hot seller at LeSportsac that they can't make room for Tokis on their shelves? Don't they want to make money? Sheesh.
  3. It seems that only other vendors and outlets will sell the "discontinued" prints.
  4. well, i think that is just silly! How will the outlets get the neweer bags if the boutiques aren't carrying them?

    thanks for the verification.info everyone!

  5. I'd :heart: to know the answer to this too. It makes absolutely NO sense that their stores don't carry toki. After Spiaggia they said they wouldn't get any more toki in their stores. :wtf: They suck!
  6. maybe they are to busy pimping the new collaborations that they have. there is one that is some what cute but it is already sold out. i think it was called the pictopop pattern.

    i don't really like any of their other prints except for tthe tokidoki ones. other than that i never thought very hightly of the brand and when i heard about the colloboration i really thouhgt that theere was no way the bags could be very good as lesportsac was always so low on the originality scale in my opinion. but toki has relaly upped their worth.

    i wonder how well the other collobrations like the boutique line sell. i would never buy anthing from lesportsac that was not toki. honestly if these bags weren't toki pattern lesportsac would not be getting my money.

  7. Very true. I would never even look at a lesportsac bag twice if it was not Tokidoki.
  8. That's exactly what the sales associate told me when I visited the LeSportsac store in the Beverly Center in LA. It really doesn't make sense that the boutiques wouldn't sell Toki since it's probably the company's #1 selling line, and I think the most expensive. Who knows.

    On the flipside, finding Toki at little boutiques like JapanLA, Happy Six, etc is so much more fullfilling because they run the gamut of having so much more cute merchandise. :heart:
  9. The spiaggia print was not even sold in the NYC LeSportsac stores. I had to order my mom's spiaggia stellina that I bought her for Mother's Day from the Beverly Center LeSportsac.
  10. lesportsac is an odd odd company. :/
  11. how true, they are really odd :tdown: The boutiques have stopped carrying Toki since Pirata, and some of the styles were never even available in their stores like MM, they suck!:cursing:
  12. I couldn't agree more. I hate them :tdown:
    I'm with you juicymario ... they SUCK big time! :cursing:
  13. If the bags are not available in retail shops and mainly just online, does this mean there will be less going under retail price on eBay due to the lesportsac shop being normal retail price? I really want a vacanze zucca but i want to choose the print myself, so always buy off eBay or shoptokidoki.