LeSportsac Boutique in Vegas...

  1. don't go... theres no tokidoki there :tdown: when i emailed them they said there was, then when i got there there wasnt any :confused1:
  2. Dude! That sucks :tdown: I wonder if that was the same LeSportsac that I called a few weeks back to see what their stock consisted of?...
  3. That blows. I e-mailed the LeSportsac boutiques in NYC before I went, and they told me that they had none in stock, too. Psssh I wonder why none of them have any :sad:
  4. Didn't someone say that the LeSportsac Boutiques (excluding Hawaii & off shore) would NOT be selling the last few prints? I seem to remember hearing they would only be available in Dept stores and possibly lesportsac.com.
  5. iono, but i was all excited then i got there and was like O_O!!?!?!? i dont like the lesportsac bags that arent tokidoki >_<;
  6. sorry...they usually have them
  7. I wonder what happened ... I've bought a few bags from the LeSportsac at the Fashion Show Mall in Vegas.
  8. lesportsac stores EXCEPT HAWAII will no longer be carrying any more toki stuff at all. They are done with it and shipped it all out.
  9. And Guam, I think... because vmasters got tokidoki there.
  10. yea thats exactly where i went :confused1: iono *sadness*
  11. My DH is currently in Vegas. He stopped by the LeSportSac store in the Fashion Show Mall. He didn't see any Tokidokis, but the SA told him that they were currently out of stock but were expecting a shipment soon. Who knows...just need to keep checking I guess.:shrugs:
  12. yes our stores still carries tokidoki...they said they will be carrying transporto in sept..but they dont know anything about vacanze!! :crybaby:
  13. waa... ive never seen a store that was COMPLETELY out of stock before, maybe i just have bad luck :confused1:
  14. This is exactly what I heard. The stores here in the US (excluding HI and GU) won't be carrying any more tokidoki ever. :tdown: It's pretty stupid if you ask me. :wtf:
  15. xkaokaox: did you hit any other stores in vegas?? i'll be there friday!