LeSportsac Boutique - 30% off w/code

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  1. I just got an email for 30% off the LeSportsac boutique items. Enter "Boutique30" at checkout.

    Now the Zebra print is :wtf:, but the Pop Dot line is pretty cute :smile: All the styles of bags for the Pop Dot line are the same style bags from the Lesportsac for the OC collection. (except the wristlet - which I was thinking about getting, but not sure if I wanna spend the $$, even after the coupon & shipping its still like, $57)
  2. do you know if you can purchase other things other than popdot or zebra? *edit* i guess not..
  3. I soo wish that was for toki stuff! That would be awesome, but of course lesportsux would never do that!
  4. I'm not a huge fan of either print, but I do like the bright yellow patent in combination with the zebra.
  5. :amazed: