LeSportSac Bitsy

  1. Does anyone have one of these? I thought it might make a good cell phone case for my mom to clip onto her bag.

    5308 Bitsy
  2. i don't have one, but it looks like a cute case :p
  3. thats pretty cheap compared to toki...maybe they should make something like this in toki...it seems much easier to pull out your phone than the constant zipping and unzipping in the portelefono...
  4. ^:yes: :yes: :yes: It's pretty cute!
  5. Pretty cute, but I would get that sooo dirty!
  6. I don't have that but it's adorable!! :yes:
  7. I have seen it and i think it is cute, but i think you have to match the dimension of your cell with the case just to make sure it fits in there. But it is cute though. I have once consider buying it but I bought Pirata Portatetefono just to match my Pirata Ciao.

    I agree ..the portatelefono is a bit of a trouble if your phone is ringing and you stil have to unzipp it and make sure you dont pull to hard as to ruin the zipper..:p
  8. I keep my phone in the mesh pocket. No unzipping...
  9. i keep my phone in the portotelefono, but it's unzipped in my bag for easy access.
  10. i'd be afraid it might go missing if i put it there lol
  11. ^Me too! I tried it once and kept checking to see if my phone was still there so I never put it there again!
  12. i sure dont wanna get paranoid about my phone missing..or stolen i should say...
  13. that is cute :yes: but I always tend to keep my phone in my jeans :sweatdrop: even when I try keeping it in my purse I usually end up getting a call or checking the time and it just ends up back in my jeans