LeSportsac Beach Collection 2007

  1. Hey All!

    Don't know whether you have seen the new beach collection yet- just got the email today.


    I like the beach towels, but wish there were a few more items and patterns to choose from.

  2. I saw the items a few days ago on the website. I'm not crazy about the striped print bag, but I kinda like the flamingo print tote. However, at almost $80, I don't know if I would buy it. I agree that the towels are nice, however, and I might get both of them. I wouldn't consider buying that hat, though. However, the fact that it is reversible is a good idea. The bag should have been reversible--stripes on one side, flamingos on the other!
  3. I like the bag shape on the page! Its cute, but Im not really into the normal lesportsac stuff.
  4. I agree the beach towels are cute. :graucho:
  5. That would have been really cute! Oh well. I also think for the print to be called "Gelato", it should be horizontal stripes and they should be thicker.
  6. I'm not really loving the tan... but I agree the flamingo towel is cute. Also wish the bag would've been reversible
  7. The flamingo towel is cute. Unfortunately, I'll never get to a pool or beach this summer to use it.
  8. That flamingo stuff reminds me of that macrame stuff they used to do in the 70s kind of...its kind of 70ish to me..They make some really different patterns...I do like some of their bag styles a bit better though..