Lesportac: Tokidoki.....diff prices for diff countries?

  1. I have a family friend that's going to Japan. He asked me if there was anything I wanted. I just ordered a Tokidoki bag online yesterday and if it's cheaper in Japan, I'm thinking about getting a matching wallet. Does anyone know if the prices are different?
  2. I know in Taiwan, the prices of tokidoki bags are almost doubled. i would think it's more expensive in Japan too.
  3. Some one at Macys told me that the prices are marked up too much in Japan. She also said that there was a lady from Japan who was visiting the US and bought most of their stock for the first line of tokidoki, because it was cheaper here.

    Let me know what your friend says though. ;)
  4. Prices are also much higher in Singapore as compared to buying in U.S. even with U.S. taxes. I think U.S. has the best prices since LSA is an american brand. I have a strong feeling that there's a lot of fakes going round in China though like the first edition.