Les triplets

  1. Can anyone point me in the right direction to see this scarf ? Have looked in reference but nothing is coming up ! Thank you..:smile:
  2. Try Les Triples, birkin girl! (no second T)
  3. I have the pocket square if that helps...
    Close Up Orange H Pocket Square.jpg Full Orange H Pocket Square.jpg
  4. Not much help here but I do have the pochette.
    a1.jpg a2.jpg a3.jpg a4.jpg sr4.jpg
  5. WOW, Rose! That pochette is gorgeous in pink!!! IF I ever have a daughter, I want a pink one!!
  6. ....then you will be competing with your DD about who gets to wear it!!!
  7. Here's mine in yellow. I need to take a better picture of it. It's my favorite pochette!
  8. Here is joanna's yellow one:
    scarf3.jpg scarf3a.jpg scarf3b-1.jpg
  9. CB, we posted the yellow one at the same time! I love it in yellow.
  10. i love it you guys!

    and rose...that pic of your DD is adorable!!! how cute! i can't wait to have my DD :smile:

    moviegirl: i was thinking the very same thing about the pink one! i MUST GET ONE NOW!
  11. Oh no now i really want one ! Thought it would be nice as i have 3 DDs....Rose your DD is adorable looks about the same age as my middly !!! I love how i can get her to wear anything forget it when it comes to my older one !What are my changes of getting one ? Les triples not another daughter...!
  12. Birkin girl, are you looking for a full size scarf or a pochette?
  13. :yahoo: Finally!

    I said this in an earlier post, but no-one seemed to believe me......
  14. I have this delightful scarf in the original french blue colorway, the limited 'Smiles' edition for children's charity. The design makes me smile all the time. I keep peeking at it - still unused in the box(like most of my scarves). Maybe I should have it framed too !

    Let me know, and I can post some pictures for you.