Les Triples Scarf question

  1. Hi guys!

    I was browsing here and came across the Les Triples pochette in one of the threads. I fell immediately in love and went on a phone calling rampage. I located one, not the exact colorway I want, but I'm not sure if I ought to get it or wait. I will be heading to Europe soon, and not only will I be hitting the duty-frees at Heathrow and Rome (and I hear these particular places have older scarves and pochettes), but also, since I'll be darting all over Italy, I can theoretically look in H Rome, Capri, and Naples. I'm on a quest for other things, but I'm really crazy about this pochette.

    So should I just get what I can find, which is a lavendar colorway, or try when I leave for the yellow? I know it's from 05 and that I'm really pushing it, but I can try.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I think I hit 13 H when I was in Europe this past summer and I would say that your chance of finding even one Triplets is not good.

    Better one bird in the hand.
  3. I was hoping that wasn't the answer I was going to get...but thank you for responding. I'll call the SA in the morning.
  4. I just got this scarf a few months ago. I had to get it from eBay. I loved it so much and I paid a small fortune for it. I got it in the pink CW and it was worth every penny.

    Actually, there is an orange one on eBay as of yesterday.
  5. Yeah, I had a dickens of a time trying to find one last year. Luckily my SA found one! I'm glad I didn't wait any longer!
  6. Did you get the large size of the pochette size? I found the peach/orange CW 36"x36" but passed as the color does not fit into my wardrobe at all.

    Was there really? I didn't see any orange, I see the lavender one in the BIN section, but I'm not that desperate yet. We'll see how quickly that changes!
  7. I think you should definitely buy the lavender pochette now. If you are able to find it in yellow, then you can decide about the lavender then. You may end up wanting to keep both!!
  8. The scarf has clouds in the middle, and IMHO, the clouds look funny in yellow & better in lavender
  9. I love it in the yellow.. very striking (I do not find the clouds strange in this colorway). I also have it in pink and have seen the lavender, honestly, this scarf is just fabulous in all colorways.
  10. Ibought it in may last year in copenhagen. THey had many there, both lavender and baby blue colourways. :tup: It's very cute, but a bit touristy. ;)
  11. Was this the Hermes store or the duty-free in the airport in Copenhagen? I was debating going to Norway for a part of my spring break, but I think Denmark would be equally as interesting for me. Thanks for the info, Liberté!!
  12. There's a pale blue one on eBay France right now. (Not sure if I'm allowed to post the link, so just search for Hermes Triples and it will come right up.)
  13. Thanks for the heads up! :flowers:
  14. ^^I did get the large one. If I can find a CW in the pochette that I love, I'll get that one too.
  15. Lav is being sold for 500 dollars. I hope you find your yellow one.